Bridal Bliss: Mariah And Corrinn’s Micro Wedding Included Their Parents, Their Pastor, And Their Pet
Kimie James

Mariah and Corrinn’s love story began on the storied campus of Hampton University. It was 2012. She was the beautiful junior volleyball player and he was the fast freshman on the track team. He’d seen her around campus and was smitten, but struggled to get up the nerve to speak to her. One day, he finally worked up the courage to say something and approached her in the campus cafe. He didn’t have the smoothest lines to share, but he had enough charisma to make what would be a lasting impression.

“After I introduced myself my next words were, ‘do you like movies?’ At the time it seemed like a good line to go with, but now that I think about it, I probably should’ve started with something else because she tried to play me,” Corrinn tells ESSENCE. “However, I was able to win her over with my smile and charm, and by the time I left the cafe she gave me her number.”

The two would go from supporting each other at their competitions and falling in love as young students to wanting to build a life together. Nothing could hold them back from making that happen, not even COVID-19. Not only did Corrinn ask for Mariah’s hand in marriage around the start of the pandemic and had buy a ring online instead of in person, but the couple also said “I do” long before many restrictions were lifted. That meant that such major moments had to remain incredibly intimate. Their wedding, for example, which took place February 20, 2021 in Richmond, Virginia at the Jefferson Hotel, only allowed for a few guests, including the couple’s parents and their pastor (and their dog, Simba, whom they shared a special moment with after the ceremony). It wasn’t the way they imagined they would say “I do” after their almost 10 years together, but it was just right for them. They didn’t want to wait another year or longer to make it official, so they made the most of the moment.

“We really got to focus on each other and cherish each moment, tradition, and special touches our parents and the hotel staff helped bring to life,” Mariah says.

Despite a limited guest list, the couple made use of all the amazing space in the Jefferson hotel to make for a gorgeous wedding album.

See how the couple went about planning for and celebrating their micro wedding and learn more about their love and how they’re settling into married life below.


Bride: Mariah Harris

Groom: Corrinn Harris

Venue: The Jefferson Hotel

Caterer: Lemaire

Photographer: Kimie James

Bridal Hair: Shawn’s Hair N More, Alle Owen & Mango Salon

Makeup: Nicole Gore Artistry

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Nails: Escape Nails & Spa

Pianist: Jocylen Graves

Florist: Blooms & The Jefferson (Rick Lunsford)

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