Bridal Bliss: Krystal and Kenny's Super Romantic Wedding Day

The photos from their couple's dreamy Alabama wedding will make your day.

Lauren Porter May, 11, 2016

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“I refused to give him my phone number. This continued for nearly two months,” said Krystal. “After the second month, his birthday approached, he asked me out on a date, and his gift that night tucked neatly within a ring box was my phone number! We’ve been talking every day since that date and will for the rest of our lives!"

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Krystal incorporated “something blue” into her wedding with her shoes! She opted for a pair of blue Badgley Mischka heels with beautiful diamond embroidery on the back side of each heel.

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Krystal and her bridal party look fab as they get ready for the big day!

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Krystal's dress featured over 900 Swarovski crystals! It was beautiful AND breathtaking!

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"I would describe the man I married as strong, proud, loyal, authentic, generous, and pragmatic," said Krystal. "He is the ultimate match to my areas of weakness as my strengths are to his areas of weakness as well."

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“My wife is phenomenal! On that, I drop the mic!,” said Kenny.

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"Because of the glitz of the gown I wore, the only piece of jewelry I chose to wear was earrings," said the bride. "They were small circular Kate Spade diamond earrings with pearl accents that matched my dress. Sometimes, less is definitely more."

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"I love his smile and his heart! I love the way he loves me!" said Krystal. 

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Krystal dress was a custom design from New Orleans designer Ann Burke. It included a train that looked like a sea of clouds! 

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“He embodied what I asked God for within a mate and he was constantly willing to grow together to become better versions of ourselves,” said Krystal. “I said yes because I couldn’t see myself with anyone else.”​

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Kenny anxiously awaits seeing his bride for the first time!

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"I was taken back by how beautiful she looked, how eye-catching her dress was, and how masterful she looked!"

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Krystal mourned the lost of her maternal grandfather, her paternal grandmother and a cousin in 2010. Kenny was her rock as she copped with her familial loss. 


“He embraced me with endearing and silent hugs when he could discern that I was having a hard time, he loved me unconditionally, he spoke such positivity to me, and helped me maintain my spirituality in ways that let me know that only the man God designed for me could love, cover, and affirm me.”

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Kenny's groomsmen looked dapper and handsome on his big day! With classic tuxedo's they were sharp and sophisticated to match with the theme of the wedding. 

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Krystal thought her bridesmaids looked like angels on her wedding day and we would have to agree!

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Krystal and Kenny are serving nothing but love on their wedding day! 

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There are no words! Everyone looks gorgeous!

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How gorgoeus!

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"I felt myself grow to be more humble, more closer to God, more open-minded, and more driven," said Kenny. "I knew she was the one because she made and inspired me to be a better man. I love her simply put."

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"I chose to make her my wife because she has always been such a very nurturing and giving person with such a warm personality," said Kenny. "She is such a genuine person as well."

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Krystal knew she would find love one day but never imagined it would happen so randomly. But she kept her eye on God and she got the man of her dreams!

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"Being a groom felt really good because it had been such a long time since I had gathered all of my guys, my buddies, and my male cousins together to bond," said Kenny. "Having them all there by my side meant a lot to me. I’ll never forget that feeling."

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"The way she pursued God also stood out to me as well," the groom said. "She is a strong woman of faith as I too as am a faith follower. Krystal, though, lives it, walks, it, talks it, and shows what it means to honor God in what she and I both know is her calling as a school leader.”

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Kenny sure did lay a kiss on his lovely wife Krystal!

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Krystal's bouquet included white phalaenopsis orchids and white roses that were beautiful and elegant!

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Krystal and Kenny are one gorgeous couple!

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The couple's wedding theme was to mix tradtion with regality and posh sophistication. We think they got it right!

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Krystal's something new was her diamond bridal garter belt and her groom seemed to love it!

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For their first dance as husband and wife, Krystal and Kenny danced to Case's "Happily Ever After." Sounds like the perfect song for these two! 

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During the reception, Kenny and Krystal couldn't keep their hands--and lips(!!!)--off each other. 

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How fab is this reception space!

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The reception centerpieces included a mixture of white roses and hydrangeas that made the room look just marvelous!

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During the reception, everyone rose a glass in honor of the new couple!

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How sweet are these save the dates!

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Cheers to the newlyweds!

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The couples 6 layer cake included six different layers including Strawberry (which is Kenny's favorite) and Butter Cream (which is Krystal's!).

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The couple’s cake was suspended by diamond rods from the venue’s ceiling! We love it!​

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...Let me take a selfie!

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The best photos snapped are the ones when you think no one is looking!

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Love was in the air at Krystal and Kenny's nuptials! One groomsmen couldn't help but smile!

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"I love her drive and her ambition!" said the groom. "My wife is incredibly hard working on behalf of the kids and teachers she serves."

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What an adorable snapshot of some of the youngest members of the bridal party! 

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Looks like the ladies had a wonderful time in the glow of love together!

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"Yes, I knew I would," said Kenny. "It would only be a matter of time. Patience is key. You should never rush things. If its meant to be, it’ll happen. Trust the process."

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Introducing the Allens!


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