Bridal Bliss: Crystal and Olayinka’s Wedding Overflowed With Tradition and Love
Fred Agho

Crystal and Olayinka’s belief in God has always been paramount in their relationship…it’s actually the reason they met! So it only made sense that their Christian faith would play a huge role in their wedding day.

Since Crystal is currently deep in the trenches of Grad school (work, sis!) it was necessary to recruit some help in making important decisions about their big day. Thanks to a tasteful Houston-based wedding planner, Doyin Fash, and the couple’s family, the couple had no problem pulling off the finishing touches.

Of course, they encountered some unexpected realities about planning a wedding…like the fact that many designers don’t cater to all shapes and sizes and that some vendors will try to upsell you without a planner by your side. But all is well that end’s well. And what the Obasanyas ended up with was a wedding day they always dreamed of.

Scroll through for the most beautiful moments from their ceremony and reception.

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