Boyfriend Puts bonnet On Sleeping Girlfriend’s Head Because That’s The Way Love Goes
Courtesy of Brand

A 22-year-old student from North Carolina is garnering much praise after he posted the most selfless love act of all.

AJ Woodson was cuddling with his girlfriend when he noticed she had fallen asleep without her bonnet on. Knowing she would wake up with a vengeance over her disheveled hair, he did what amazing mates should do — he placed her bonnet on her head without waking her. 

The Air Force Reserves member told BuzzFeed News that his act was based on how much he knew his girlfriend, Tiana Harley, would appreciate it. 

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“It’s the small stuff that matters the most'” he said. 

Harley chimed in, adding that she’s glad Woodson cared enough.

“When I found out he put my bonnet back on I was happy because it shows that he actually pays attention and knows I wear it to keep my hair from getting messed up,” she said. “He knows I would be upset if I woke up and my hair was messy.”

This is what true love is all about ladies and gentlemen!