In the past, Bobby Brown has made headlines for his bad boy behavior, but the R&B singer has long turned over a new leaf –and it’s in large part to his faith and wife Alicia. The couple recently stopped by ESSENCE’s Yes, Girl! podcast, where they spoke to editors Cori Murray and Charli Penn about their marriage, sharing that faith is at the center of their relationship.
“You can’t do anything without God. You can’t wake up in the morning, you can’t go to sleep,” Brown said. “And, if you’re going to sleep with the right person, then you’re going to wake up in the right frame of mind and God’s light.” “I’m just thankful that I have that connection with her,” the singer said, referencing his wife, Alicia. “We believe in the same thing, we’re spiritual. We don’t choose a religion, we choose to believe in a higher power. The person that has brought us all here, the person that made the trees, the spirit that has brought life into everything we see.”
Brown’s wife also explained why their marriage works. The two share the same values. “We walk in gratitude, that’s so important for us,” she added. “It’s really nice when you find a partner that you’re in sync with on that, anything else just stop the struggle.” The couple, who married in June 2012, have a son, Cassius, and two daughters, Bohdi and Hendrix, together. In addition, Brown also has children from previous relationships. Tragically, Bobbi Kristina, Brown’s daughter with late singer Whitney Houston, passed away in 2015 after being found unconscious in a Georgia bathtub. After all the ups and downs in his life, Brown says he’s found his “peace” with Alicia. “My happiness definitely comes from us falling in love, me finding real love, me finding what I needed in life to transition to the next level of the man I’m going to be. She’s my peace. She’s my muse. She’s my everything.”