Black Twitter Is Really Really Angry At This Guy For Cheating On His Girlfriend
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Being cheated on hurt enough, but coming face to face with an ex after the infidelity can be even more painful. The confrontation can be intense. Now imagine if you knew the whole world would be watching.

In a video shot for The Scene, we meet ex best friends and lovers Kourtney and Leonard, who parted ways after he committed the ultimate relationship sin — cheating.

During their conversation, we learn that Leonard had sex with other girls so many different times that he lost count and even dared to place blame on Kourtney and question her for staying with a man she loved despite knowing he was unfaithful.

The video, which was posted on Valentine’s Day, has been shared on Twitter more than 160,000 times and prompted an ongoing conversation that has flooded social media timelines. 

If you were in Kourtney’s position what would you do?