Black fathers are there when we need them. They lift us up, dry our tears, and make us feel seen when the world tries to tear us down.

Despite the terrible myth that Black fathers aren’t showing up, studies confirm the opposite is true. A study conducted by the CDC found that Black dads were most likely to play an active role in the household than white and Hispanic men by bathing, dressing, diapering, or helping potty train their children daily.

In the midst of his tragic passing, the late Kobe Bryant’s legacy reminded us just how important Black fathers are to the community. After ESPN sports anchor Elle Duncan shared an emotional story about Bryant proudly proclaiming to be a “girl dad,” the movement took off and fathers everywhere embraced the beauty having daughters like we’d never seen before.

The powerful images below are only further proof that our Black kings are thriving and being the best dads they can be. Whether they’re celebrities balancing the demands of Hollywood with parenting, or just every fellas making an impact in the community, these photos of Black fathers in action will warm your heart.

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