The Lie Your Husband Is Telling You In Bed, And Why It’s Okay
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Remember the other night when your husband told you about a sexy dream he had featuring the two of you doing that thing you’ve never done before? Well, he was probably lying—but for a good cause. Let us explain.

Telling this little white lie is actually the easiest way for a man to segue into a discussion about trying new things between the sheets, says a leading sex researcher during a recent interview with if you freak out, they can pretend it was only a dream, so no big deal. If you’re open to it, they’ve just added some spice to your usual routine.

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“Even when you’ve been with someone for years, talking about sex can be scary because you’re exposing a really vulnerable part of yourself,” Kristen Mark, Ph.D., a sex researcher at the University of Kentucky tells Men’s Heath. “Especially if you’re introducing something new that you want to try.”

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Since men are being told to try this little trick on their wives for a chance at “hotter, dirtier sex tonight,” we figured it was only right that we warn you, ladies. But, can’t you just forgive him for this one little lie? He truly means well.