Bethune-Cookman University Teacher Got The Surprise Of A Lifetime When Her Students Helped Her Fiancé Propose
Courtesy of Miriam Laffoon

One teacher will always remember that on her birthday her students helped her boyfriend  sweep her away with a surprise proposal she’ll never forget. 

Meet Miriam Laffoon, a teacher at Bethune-Cookman University, who thought she was simply going to work when really, her boyfriend had something special in store. 

In a video uploaded to Facebook by one of her students, Natasha Avrilien, we see the college students greet their teacher as she walked into her office building by saying “happy birthday” and that’s when the fun began. 

Her office door was decorated with balloons and posters with sweet sentiments and when she walked inside her  office there was also a beautifully decorated cake. 

But wait, there was more.

Laffoon proceeded to walk to her classroom but promptly began to break down into tears when she saw several of her students lining a hallway, holding sunflowers and notes saying what they love about her. (Aww!)

As she entered the classroom she was serenaded by the group, and then her boyfriend revealed the biggest birthday surprise of all — a diamond ring.

Her then-boyfriend walked in, got down on one knee and asked the question. 

“From the first time I met you I had a crush on you,” he began. “And I still have a huge crush on you to this day. You bring peace to my life and balance. With all that said, I want to ask you to marry me.”

Ms. Laffoon said yes and cried lots of happy tears.

Happy birthday and congratulations!