3 Sex Positions That Double As Great Workouts
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It’s a well known fact that great sex has its share of benefits beyond pleasure and procreation: it can help you work up an appetite, burn calories and more!

But we wanted to know—which sex positions are the best of the best when it comes to getting some quality exercise in while you’re between the sheets?

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Certified instructor Naimah Jackman of ((305)) Fitness has the answers. Here are the three best sex positions that double as great workouts and what parts of the body each benefits the most.

Missionary. While this is the most common sex position, believe it or not, you can still get a good workout from simply laying on your back. Missionary mimics the same action of the bridge workout. While the position seems pretty light in exercise, exerting a little extra energy goes a long way. Extending your back and arching and holding your core helps to work out your glute muscles, hamstrings and lower back. Try keeping your abdominal muscles as tight as possible as you work the lower half of your body to get the full benefit of the workout.

From Behind. This position is certified gold when it comes to getting in some good exercise. The posirion mimics a move that targets the glutes. Kicking this position off a notch comes with a big pay off in more ways than one. A great way to maximize the benefits while in this position is to bring one leg out 90 degrees away from your midsection, says Jackson. By doing so, it will not only be a great workout but it should certainly drive your partner wild by showing off your flexibility, strength and balance. With focus on the core and glute muscles, you’ll strengthen multiple parts of your body while receiving maximum pleasure!

Standing Room Only. Say goodbye to the bed for now and hit the floor. While standing facing your partner, bend one leg and try to raise it as high as possible. The position which mirrors a common knee pull or thrust helps target your lower abdominal muscles. Maintaining a strong core helps keep balance, which is key in trying to spice things up in the bedroom.


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