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Two Bearded Guys Hilariously Share Stories About How Women React to Men With Facial Hair


Apparently some #BeardGang fans are a little too handsy with the fellas.

No one can deny that 2017 was all about Black women’s love for and devotion to beautiful Black men with beards. (We see you fellas!)

To recap this moment in time, we sat down with two bearded ESSENCE staffers to get their unfiltered thoughts on the “movement” and to find out what 2017 was really like for them. And although the facial hair is much appreciated from men who are fortunate enough to be proud members of the #BeardGang, apparently the fellas feels that some women can get a little too handsy with their face manes.

Watch as staffers Rondel Holder and Dave Giles hilariously recount stories of the passionate responses they’ve witnessed.


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