The Bachelorette’s Family Isn’t Here For Bryan’s “Affection”, Are You Buying It?

One of the best parts of The Bachelorette season is here — this week it was finally time to meet the parents!

While meeting the family of a new significant other can often have the potential to be awkward, nobody wants the moment to be as tense as the one between Rachel Lindsay’s family and suitor Bryan, one of the three remaining men on the show.

On this week’s episode of the fan favorite ABC show, Rachel took Bryan, a chiropractor, and the other two suitors home to meet the people who matter most to her. He meet her mother, sister, aunt and uncle, and after her poured his heart out about his love for Rachel, her family responded with quite a few side-eyes.

“My gut is telling me that Bryan is a charmer,” said Rachel’s sister, Constance. “He’s direct and he’s open, but I don’t think there’s the sincerity factor there and so my guard was up.”

At the urging of Rachel’s uncle, Bryan, 37, quickly confessed that he does “love” Rachel , but as their questions mounted, he became frustrated and walked away from the table.

Say what?!

Rachel revealed the she was frustrated with her family’s reception of Bryan, particularly the way her mother reacted. Rachel and her family have a bit of a tense moment in prepping for the finale. 

Was Rachel wrong for letting Bryan walk away from the table? Was she right in voicing her feelings of frustration?