Nearly eight years of marriage and three children later, Steph and Ayesha Curry have an unbreakable bond that only gets better with time.

Following the Golden State Warriors’ loss against the Toronto Raptors this past weekend, Ayesha made it known that her king is still the champ in her eyes. In a heartfelt Instagram post bidding farewell to the Oracle Arena, she writes, “We’ve spent the past 10 [years] at Oracle. Took our ‘save the date’ photos there, brought all of our kids to their first games there. Laughed, cried, celebrated. We ‘grew up’ together there. We’ll never forget our decade at Oracle. Thank you Dub Nation for loving, embracing us and always cheering for my husband no matter what. On and off the court.”

“The warriors are something special. Best part? They’re just getting started,” she continues. “Time to make new memories with the best fans in the world !!! ROARACLE will ALWAYS have a special place in our hearts. I Love you @stephencurry30 and am infinitely proud of you.”

As always, the love and support in their relationship is mutual. The Currys continuously support each other’s growing list of business ventures (Ayesha is gearing up to appear on the ABC cooking show Family Food Fight, while Steph just released his Facebook Watch show, Stephen vs. the Game). Here are all the times Steph and Ayesha held each other down.


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