Aoki Lee Simmons Is Having The Best Week Ever! See Her Cute Prom And Graduation Photos

Aoki Lee Simmons, the youngest daughter of Kimora Lee and Russell Simmons, is a baby no more. The soon-to-be-Harvard student just celebrated her last days in high school and let her half a million followers in on two huge milestones: high school graduation and prom.

The 16-year-old shared photos of herself and her prom date posing for their big day. Simmons looking stunning in a simple black dress with lace straps. True to her famous sense of humor, she joked about taking almost thirty minutes to pin the boutonniere on his jacket (don’t we all remember that struggle!)

The beauty tagged her glam squad who helped put her look together. She also thanked her big sister Ming Lee for helping out with a wardrobe malfunction. “Not sure if y’all can see but story time of the night! My dress popped open and big sis @mingleesimmons nail glued it back together.”

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Then there were these stunning photo booth moments, where she acknowledges her date as “bae.”

Finally, Ms. Aoki made us melt with this family group shot at her high school graduation. The grad felt all the love surrounded by her parents, stepdad, siblings and The Combs twins. She also made a little joke at her parents’ expense.

Russell Simmons let it be known that his baby girl made off with all the achievement awards. That’s one smart cookie!

Aoki, who is part of Harvard University’s class of 2023, has been outspoken about the bullying she’s had to face from racist classmates. During a live video, the teenager claims that a boy in her class called her the N-word. “I can’t fight every single person who uses racial slurs, but you can be damn sure you’re not going to call me the N-word in class during group work,” she says. “I can’t stand ppl sometimes you think that stuff doesn’t happen in a nice school or a nice neighborhood, but rest assured it does.”


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