Everyone was left feeling a little perplexed when Angela Simmons announced she was pregnant with her first child.

The Growing Up Hip-Hop star and young mogul preached about preserving her virginity and practicing abstinence until marriage. After denying her pregnancy then finally revealing that she and fiancé, Sutton Tennyson, were indeed expecting, a collective “HUH?” was let out from fans. 

Now having welcomed her beautiful baby boy, Sutton Joseph, the new mom is setting the record straight on The Real.

As a guest co-host for the week, Simmons reveals that while she had plans on waiting to have sex, meeting the man of her dreams changed everything. 

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“Well you know what, I had a plan,” she said. “The plan didn’t work out. And you can’t always plan everything. You know, I met the love of my life and we got engaged. And I waited until twenty-eight. I mean I really wanted to wait and it just so happens.  It happened within that first little boom.”

Simmons goes on to discuss the nervous feeling she had when preparing to tell her father, RUN D.M.C’s Rev Run, about her bundle of joy. 

Not sure of what his reaction would be, she admits she didn’t know what to do, but his calm and welcoming demeanor made sharing the announcement all the more special. 

“He was just calm,” she shared. “He was just like ‘ok, I’m this guy. You know my arms are open to you. I’m not going to be mad’ I was just scared and in that moment of course I’m crying because I felt like I let him down and the last thing I wanted to do was let down my father or my family. So for me it just meant a lot that he was open arms and were there for me.”

Watch Angela dish on losing her virginity below:


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