While listening to Jodeci’s comeback album, The Past, The Present, The Future and anticipating their appearance on ESSENCE Live this Thursday, it brings us back to the signature sound and hits that made them our R&B go-to guys back in the day. Have you ever noticed that if you play Jodeci’s smash hits in just the right order, it tells one epic 90s love story?

Guy sees girl. She looks so sexy, she really turns him on and blows his mind every time he sees her face. Girl ignores Guy, but he really wants to know her name. Guy goes for it and kicks game to her.

Guy and Girl have loads of chemistry, so they start to kick it and talk on the phone. Girl’s kind of into Guy, but he has only one thing on his mind: Sex! He can’t get it out of his mind. He wakes up thinking about it. Goes to bed thinking about it. Every time they talk, he brings it up: “What must I say? What must I do? To show how much…” Girl rolls eyes.

Guy realizes he’s coming on way too strong and Girl is slipping away. He starts to realize that they could be one, and if so, their love could be so strong. That’s when Guy tells Girl that what they could have together could be so much bigger and vows to convince her that they make the perfect team and their love story could be epic.

Now guy is so strung out on girl. He can’t make it through the night without her holding him tight. He just can’t leave her alone; she’s got him feenin’. There’s no going back now. He’s hooked on her and he’d spend his last dime for a drop of her time. She will be his wife one day. That has to happen.

Girl comes around and Guy could not be happier. Things are serious now, so they find a place and move in together. And, the best part is, they’re having so much fun together. They’re building trust and keeping things hot. They don’t have a care in the world; they just want to be alone.

Paradise was short lived. Both Guy and Girl said some things they really didn’t mean and Girl has moved out. There’s no love lost. Guy is at home alone and his pillow is wet with tears. Baby, he’s begging. He’s crying on his pillow because he doesn’t know what to do, but he’ll do anything — get on his knees for her. He’s a mess.

Girl finds out her suspicions are valid: guy has done some dirt. But, he’s begging for forgiveness for all the wrong he’s done and he’s still waiting for her to come back home. Another day might be too long. If she’ll just come back to him, he wants them to go slow so nothing can go wrong.

Girl comes over to “talk” and Guy is so hopeful. Guy will do anything if she’ll just stay the night and talk things through with him. All she has to do is just stay for a little while.

Guy and Girl work through their differences (hooray!) and she’s back home for good. All their mistakes are in the past and now they know their love will last. This time around Guy’s ready to be all that she deserves. Guy wants to love Girl for life, so he pops the question. She accepts, of course, and wedding bells ring!

Guy and Girl’s baby is born healthy and strong and their dreams are reality.