7 Stunning Yet Inexpensive Wedding Gifts The Newlyweds (And Your Pockets) Will Love!

Jonathan Adler

Yes, it’s true. You can find an elegant gift that will stand out from the pack for $100 or less.
Jasmine Grant Mar, 12, 2019

I’m not sure about you, but I get super excited when wedding season rolls around. First, there’s nothing like being in the presence of true love. Second, I love getting dressed up and getting down at a good party. But weddings can be expensive. Between the transportation and finding the perfect outfit and gift, you can easily run up a big bill to congratulate two partners becoming one. And what if you have multiple weddings to attend in a year? The thought of it just might have you gasping for air.

The good news is, finding a decent present doesn’t have to put you in the poorhouse. If you’d rather not hand over half your rent money in an envelope (can’t say we blame you), we’ve handpicked seven tasteful, elegant and even personalized gift options all under $100. Yes, girl, you can bring the bride and groom joy on their Big Day without leaving your wallet crying out for help.