Frisky Friday: 5 Ways to Feel Sexier in 2011

Frisky Friday: 5 Ways to Feel Sexier in 2011

This year, we’re bringing sexy back. You may be thinking, “Honey, sexy never left,” but there’s always room to get in touch with your erotic side and take things up a notch. We’ve got five ways to jump start your sexy in 2011…

Say It Loud

We know you feel a little silly telling the bathroom mirror how hot you are, but here’s the thing — no one will know except you and the bathroom mirror. Positive affirmations are a really effective way to achieve the characteristics that you desire. When you get out of the shower in the morning look in the mirror and tell yourself just how sexy you are. Compliment the slope of your breast, the curves at your waist or the roundness of your hips. Sexiness really is just a state of mind.

Upgrade Your Sleepwear

Even if you’re sleeping alone, you don’t need to turn yourself off by going to bed in a baggy t-shirt and sweats. Slip into something a little more alluring like a sexy little babydoll that reveals peek-a-boo views of your curves or try sleeping naked every once in a while.

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Write Down Your Wildest Dreams

There are a lot of things that turn us on. Some things are so racy you wouldn’t dare mention them to your girlfriends. Take some time out to really indulge in these things. Write down your steamiest fantasies, using as much detail as possible. Who knows, you may have a bright future as a romance novelist.

Get Intimate with Yourself

Sometimes the best way to feel pleasure is to give it to yourself. Spend some “me” time under the covers, getting to know your touch, your smell your likes and your dislikes. Spend some time caressing your thighs, stroking your nipples and rubbing your clitoris with your bare hands. Getting familiar with your body will help you to feel sexy throughout your day and will ultimately make you a more confident lover.

Get a New Toy

After all the holiday stress, you deserve a sexy little gift that will keep giving you orgasm after orgasm all year long. Do your research so you can find a vibe that’s pleasing to your lady parts and your eyes. If you like the look of your toy, you’ll be more inclined to take it to bed with you at night.