Five Things We Want More Of In Bed

What a Woman Wants

Your man only has time for sex once a week. He never goes downtown anymore. Or maybe it’s the way he rolls over and passes out right after sex that drives you up the wall. We talked to women about what their lacking in the bedroom and narrowed the list down to the five things women want more of between the sheets.

More Please

The myth that men want sex more often than woman can be unhealthy. It can lead to us not speaking up and asking for the loving we deserve when our men aren’t all over us. If it’s work that’s keeping him from giving it up reassure you man that sex can help him deal with his hectic schedule by making his sleep better and reducing his stress. “I used to get it three times a week and now he’s busy and I get it once a week, twice if I’m lucky. I miss my routine orgasms.” –Chloe, blogger, 29

Take You Time, Young Man

Racing to an orgasm during sex is like going to an all inclusive resort and never realizing that the drinks were free. Good sex is multi-facetted. If your man is only concerned with getting off and getting you off, chances are he’s missing all the extra perks along the way — like the stroke of a finger here or the lick of a tonque there. What’s more, slowing down actually allows him to pay more attention to your likes and dislikes so he can get you where you need to go. “I think it’s important for men to slow down and pay more attention to their parter’s reactions. The way a woman responds to your movements is the key to understanding what to do and how to do it right.” –Julissa, event coordinator, 25

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Post Coital Cuddles

Newsflash guys–sex is not over when we orgasm. There’s a whole after coitus activity that must be had. That’s right, you’ve got to hold us. You’ve got to squeeze us, you’ve got to stare into our eyes and tell us that was the best sex you ever had. When you roll over after sex, you make us feel like tools, literally. “With almost every guy I’ve been with, I haven’t gotten enough after care. It’s like, ‘You were just all over me like crazy for 45 minutes and now you’re just going to roll over and grab the remote or go to sleep?'” –Marie, caterer, 37

Go Downtown

Ladies, tell us if you can relate to this one — When you and your man started sleeping together you couldn’t get him off his knees. Going downtown was as routine as washing his hands after using the bathroom. But as time went by his oral fixation dwindled and cunnilingus became more of a special accoutrement to sex that you would get on special occassions only if you asked for it. if he started out by going downtown all the time, he should really keep it up. “I think I have to ask for it too much. I just want it to be a given. I feel like because he doesn’t do it enough, he hasn’t mastered it.”–Lara, singer 32

Be Aggressive, Be Be Aggressive

We spend so much time running meetings at work and taking care of the household. When it comes to sex women want a man who takes control in the bedroom. Tell her how much you want her, pick her up and set her on your lap, leasd her into a new position. If there’s ever a time to “be a man” it’s in the bedroom. “Men are always trying to show women who weas the pants. Well, sex is the perfect time to show off that bit of extra strength you have. Don’t be shy now.” Lisa, graphic designer, 28