3 Reasons Why Sex Gets Better with Age
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No surprise here, but people have sex well into their 50s and 60s. Think what you want millennials, but the truth is, the mature crowd is having better sex than you. Yes, for real.

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According to multiple recent studies, couples over the age of 50 are truly living their best sexual lives and there are three reasons why.

You’ve learned the most comfortable place to have sex.

While the adventure of outdoor loving or tabletop humping are great to enjoy in your youth, couples who hit their stride in life know there’s no better place to shake some sheets than in bed.

Quality over quantity wins every single time.

It’s kind of self-explanatory because who needs multiple races when a really good one actually does the trick?

The cuddle-to-hug ratio has been mastered.

Couples of a certain age know how long a good hug should linger and how comforting a cuddle can last. A study from PsychologyToday shares that the post-sex cuddle session produces higher sexual and relationship satisfaction for both parties.

The perfect hug much like the cozy comforts of a warm cuddle, takes a skill learned over time. For a couple who have mastered ins and outs of each other (pun intended), a good embrace helps with health and hormones.

When it comes to s-e-x, the older generation knows what they’re doing. We “Netflix and Chill-ers” have some learning to do.


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