Say That Again! The 15 Best One Liners From Black Romantic Comedies

When it comes to great movie lines, it doesn't get any more classic than these babies.

Sharisse Tracey Apr, 28, 2016

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Angela Bassett, Regina King and Whoopi Goldberg starred in the film How Stella Got Her Groove Back, which was based on Terry McMillan’s novel. A then 27-year-old Taye Diggs made his film debut in the movie.

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“Love shoulda brought your ass home last night.” Mic drop.

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“You’re the” “I ain’t no salad eatin’ chick.” It’s funny because you know someone that would say and mean it. The salad line is money in the bank.

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"You know, maybe if I had the luxury of getting my ass whooped, I could be calm right now. But I have been drinking tequila shots, my hormones are raging out of control, I'm emotional, I'm horny, and I don't wanna hear about no goddamn peas! F—- you! Good night!" Don't let the door hit you on your way out! 

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“You are the perfect verse over a tight beat.” Swoons.

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"Let me break it down, so it can forever and consistently be broke…" AND "Love ain’t what it is. It’s easy to fall in love, but will someone, please, tell me how to stay there?" Can we just quote this entire movie?

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“Sometime’s Heroes have to walk away.” Truth.

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"I don’t play, woman, I quit school ‘cuz of recess!" Classically corny.

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“How’s The Family?” Talk about kicking a man when they’re down. Ouch Morris! I still feel that one.

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"What page is 15 on?" Just laugh cause you know it’s funny.

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“Cat’s don’t chew on things you beat them with.” Hmmm. This might take a minute.

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“Some men come to restore.” Heart melted.

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“What do you want with a job that ain’t nothing but work.” Ah, I feel you bruh.

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“Double or nothing.” Didn’t that just break your heart? It did mine.

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“The CIA ain't got shit on a woman with a plan!” Amen!


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