13 Ways to Never Stop Dating Your Husband

The secret to keeping the love alive is simple: date, date, and date some more. Here’s how.

Charli Penn May, 11, 2016

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Dance break…well, just because. Movie stars aren’t the only ones who get to live in the moment. Bask in your love whenever you feel it, no matter who’s watching. Your Homework: Show a little PDA today.

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The best journeys don’t always have destinations. Rev up your romantic engines and take your love on the road –literally. Every state has a scenic highway somewhere within state lines. Find it, drive it and enjoy the quality time. Your Homework: Make a romantic throwback playlist for the ride.

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Every evening you have an opportunity to let the close of the day bring you closer. Sunsets make romance effortless and accessible for anyone. Your Homework: Find the best views of the sunset near you and pick one night a week where you watch it together, hand in hand.

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There’s nothing like a hotel bed, a room service menu and the warm embrace of the one you love. Take off Friday, check into your favorite local hotel and enjoy a cozy and romantic three-day weekend close to home. It’s no-fuss and oh-so-fun, we promise. Your Homework: Sleep in and order breakfast in bed!

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Embrace the warm vibes of teenage nostalgia by recreating a few of your fondest memories of tender young love: Cuddle in the backseat at a scenic lookout, sit in the back row at the movies or steal a moment inside a carnival photo booth. Your Homework: Making out is mandatory.

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Imagine this dinner date: As you let the scents from the kitchen tempt your taste buds, you sit back and listen to each other’s deepest desires over a great dinner conversation. When the meal arrives, you’ll taste-test a five star menu while feasting your eyes on romantic views and tenderly touching hands. Now that’s perfection. Your Homework: Make reservations, now!

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Sorry, Facebook. See you later, Instagram. When you’re together, the only thing that should matter is savoring the magic of the moment. Your Homework: Learn how to use the “do not disturb” modes on those smartphones.

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Great dates equal great memories, so don’t forget to capture them. Pause from the fun to pose for a silly selfie or capture that breathtaking sunset you shared. The photos will make the memories last forever. Your Homework: Turn your favorite date night photos into a coffee table book to keep the memories close.

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From celebrating promotions to being five pounds lighter on the scales, there’s always a reason to celebrate your successes together. Do it as big as you can and as often as you can. You’re love is worth it.  Your Homework: Write a list of all the little moments you have yet to toast to, together.

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Kiss the kids goodbye once a year and check-in to an adults-only tropical or romantic hideaway. Why? Because you deserve it. No questions asked. Your Homework: Sign up newsletter from your favorite hotel and airfare deal sites, so you won’t miss your chance to travel for less.


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If you don’t make the time to be together, you won’t find it. Which night is your night? Wednesdays? Fridays? Saturday? Pick it together and stick to it, no matter what. Your Homework: Make solids plans for next week’s first official “date night” right now.

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From a secluded park to a romantic mountain trail, there is always new ground to cover together. Your Homework: Together, find your own little corner of the world, claim it as your happy place and give it a nickname.