12 Things You Should Never Have to Do To Keep His Love

Are you doing too much to make him happy? The answer is yes if this list applies to you.


Charli Penn May, 02, 2016

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Are you doing too much to make him happy? The answers is yes if this list applies to you.

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If you have to be between his sheets to earn his heart, you don't want it. Trust us.

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Whether the cheating is emotional or physical, you don’t have to get past it, unless you truly can. If he expects forgiveness in exchange for love, he’s bad news. Case closed.

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Your morals matter and a love that’s right for you, will never ask you to go against the standards that matter most to you.

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Your voice matters and it should most certainly always be heard. A man who likes a “quiet” or “soft spoken” woman by his side should really be alone. It’s time to speak up and tell him you’re leaving for good.

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While it is definitely a treat, wearing sexy lingerie, clothing or shoes should never be a requirement. for love.

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Wanting you all to himself is romantic on date night, but not practical when the sentiment is permanent. If he expects you to cut off the outside world to keep him happy, you won’t be.

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While it’s not unheard of for a man to ask the woman he loves to quit her job to stay at home and be a wife or a mother, when he does, whether you decides to do so or not should always be entirely up to you. A man who truly loves you will recognize that y

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He should love you inside and out and at any size. While a loving partner may want to suggest weight gain or loss in support of your health journey, asking for superficial reasons is the opposite of okay.

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If you want to relocate in the name love, by all means, go for it. But, if the idea of starting over and leaving the life you knew behind makes you uneasy, he shouldn’t expect you to give up something he wouldn’t.

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If he expects an immediate response from you every time he texts or calls, he’s dreaming. Being overly available is not a requirement for love – or realistic for that matter. Beware of a man who expects the impossible daily.

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Having a child merely to keep the love of a man or a relationship is not the healthy way to start a family. Think about it.

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If the idea of being spotted sans makeup in the mornings terrifies you, then you’re most likely dating a very superficial guy. He should love you au natural as much as he appreciates you getting all done up.


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