12 Beloved Brothers Who Can Do No Wrong In Fans' Eyes

We love us some Black men and that's no secret. Here are 12 famous Black men who are so beloved, they can do absolutely no wrong in our eyes. 

Lauren Porter Aug, 05, 2016

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Ahh, Idris. Between the accent, that smile and that smoulder, we will forever be at your mercy. 

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Actor and activist Jesse Williams is woke and fine. #JesseIsBae2kForever

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Morris Chestnut will always be one of the best men in our eyes. Between his chocolate skin and that gorgeous smile, he'll always make our hearts skip a beat.

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POTUS has infinite amounts of swag and will forever be our favorite of all time. 

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Boris Kodjoe could speak in one of his many languages to us anytime. We can't get enough of this guy.

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We've got a love jones for Mr. Tate and we aren't afraid to admit it. 

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Mr. Lighteyes, Michael Ealy, can do no wrong. He's smart, sweet and fine!

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Mr. Epps stole our hearts the moment he first appeared on screen and we aren't mad at it!

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Will Smith will always and forever be the Fresh Prince of our hearts. 

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John Legend may think we're all just ordinary people but he's certainly an extraordinary gentleman. 

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*Sigh* Lance is such nothing but a dream!

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Ladies have always loved cool James and we admit we're some of them. 


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