10 Women Who Kissed Morris Chestnut Before You

In real life, Morris Chestnut is a happily married one-woman man, but onscreen these lucky leading ladies got to taste all of that hot chocolate.

Charli Penn May, 12, 2016

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Union and Chestnut have certainly shared the most onscreen romances. Their first lovr scene was as Jackson and Denise in The Brothers.

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In 2007, Union and Chestnut's characters locked lips in The Perfect Holiday.

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Remember when Two Could Play That Game? And, we were so mad about it.

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Mind-game loving couples Shante and Keith shared more chemistry than our screens could handle in Two Can Play That Game.

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Even when they were playing games and stepping out on each other, Shante and Keith's chemistry was absolutely undeniable.

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Another classic Lance and Mia moment to remember from The Best Man.

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In Love In The Nick Of Tyme Chestnut plays Dexter's smooth, on-again off-again Jazz musician beau.

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Henson and Chestnut's chemistry when the cameras began to roll in Not Easily Broken was defnitely unbreakable.

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The co-host of The Real learned fast that Chestnut is always down for a friendly dare. We are jell-o!

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They didn't call their film The Perfect Guy for nothing. Lathan and Chestnut steamed your screens before his character's gruesome murder.

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A perfect chemistry in The Perfect Guy.

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Parker made a guest appearance on Chestnut's hit series Rosewood on FOX to play his steamy lover, Kat.