10 Ways To Keep Your ‘Better Sex’ Resolution

It seems like a lot of us are suffering from lack of sex due to the stresses of everyday life. But sex is what really sets a romantic relationship apart from a friendship. It’s part of what keeps us connected to our partners. We’re betting that a lot of ladies want to improve their sex lives this year. So we wrote down some suggestions of how to get motivated about this frisky new year’s resolution. Good luck getting it on ladies.

1. Make Sure You’re Fit For Sex
This is for the lady who is considering having sex with the person she’s been seeing for a while. Before he gets in there, your gynecologist needs to check it out. And there’s no shame in asking him to go get checked up either. You’ll both feel much more confident in bed knowing the other person is risk free.  

2. Keep Contraceptives Around
If you’re in a monogamous relationship, but are not on the pill, keep protection handy. Remember the last pregnancy scare you had. All that stress could have been avoided if you had been prepared and hadn’t said,”Oh screw it. Let’s do it!”

3. Pleasure Yourself
Masturbation is the best way to know what you want. Also, it relieves stress and releases pheremones, which will make your man more likely to want to get busy with you. You’ve got to give yourself love to get love.

4. Clean out Your Underwear Drawer
You know you don’t feel sexy when he sees you in your granny panties with the holes in them. So why do you still have them? Throw them away… Now.

5. Start Sexting
Why? Because it’s hot. He’ll rush home after his meeting to show his thanks.

6. Tell Him What You Want and How You Want It 
Your lady landscape doesn’t come with a map. Remember to help the brother out and tell him when he’s doing right, when he’s got it all wrong and when he needs to get back on the right track.

7. Try New Things In The Bedroom
Sex is great, so don’t let it get boring. Buy new toys. Get that cloth rope out of the garage and tie him up, try out a new move or watch a sexy video, anything to spice things up a bit. It’ll keep the love alive in 2010.

8. Plan Some Fantasy Dates
Good sex needs to be penciled in sometimes. Every couple of months, why not plan a rendezvous at a local hotel or bed and breakfast in which you and your guy fulfill each other’s fantasies. Maybe it can be his turn in March and then your turn in June.

9. Kegel Exercises
Aside from helping to ensure that you won’t wear diapers later on in life, Kegel exercises help tighten your vagina muscles, which he’ll like. Plus, it’s hard to not think about sex when you’re doing kegel exercises and the more you think about sex, the more you’ll have it.

10. Make Sex a Priority
You set your alarm to get up for work and pencil in all of your appointments. You have to give the same attention to your sex life if you want it to improve. Make sex appointments with your partner this year or set your alarm 20 minutes early for morning sex.


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