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10 Signs You May Be Ready to Get Intimate

Girl meets guy. Girl falls for guy, but wants to take things slow. Here's 10 signs to know when it's time to take your romance to the next level.
Girl meets guy. Guy woos girl. Girl falls for guy, but wants to take thing slow for now. Does this sound like your story? Waiting until you’re truly ready for intimacy in your relationship is never the wrong decision. If he’s The One, he’ll wait – no question.

That said, being intimate is a very big part of a serious relationship, and if you’re not waiting for marriage, determining the right time to “go there” with him can be a tough decision.

How will you know when you’re truly ready? The decision will always be 100 percent yours, but there are some indicators to look out for. These 10 signs could mean the time is right. Can you check them off your list?