7 Questions To Ask Yourself To Move Your Dating Life Forward

Are you having trouble moving from “just dating” to something more? This list can help.

The Matchmaking Duo May, 11, 2017

As professional relationship coaches, we meet many “serial first daters” (our nickname)—they are people who have a hard time moving dating relationships forward to something more serious. Sound like you or someone you know? You’re not alone.
One of the main things that may be missing from your dating equation is knowing your USP (unique selling proposition), meaning what are those wonderful characteristics you’ve been blessed with that will keep his interest when the initial butterflies and goosebumps subside? The reason this question is so important as we delve deeper is because it takes more than a great career, pretty face and round bottom to maintain a long term, committed relationship, and so often, we’re more focused on what HE needs to be rather than taking a moment to uncover what we’re bringing to the table that he can’t get anywhere else.
If you’ve never looked at it this way, here are seven questions to as yourself to get started with helping you determine what your dating USP is:

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Now is the time to brag about you. We know you may have more than one! Example: my legs, my sense of humor, my hair, my nurturing spirit...you get the picture.

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Maybe you have the most comfy home or your laughter lights up a room.

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Some people are amazing cooks and as we know, good food brings everyone together and warms the heart.  You may not be a chef but if he had a work event, family cookout, or a holiday pot luck, what is that fabulous meal or baked good that he can only get from you (even if it’s a specialty store bought meal)?

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Think about a time when an ex called and said “I thought about you today when...and that’s one thing I love about you.”

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Perhaps you are loyal or you’re just happy being you. Maybe you have a great outlook on life. 

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For example, all of you are single and ready to mingle. A great guy walks in and scans the room so he immediately has a choice of who to approach.  How are you different and what would make you stand out at first glance?

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(Hint-You can’t lead with your career)…Go! Example…I love to travel and swim...Got it?

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It’s apparent that we are dating in a more competitive dating era. With modern day technology such as online dating platforms, social media, and video chats, meeting new partners are as easy as 123 and options are more accessible.  With more access to singles at the touch of a button, we want to make sure you are memorable and all of your wonderful unique qualities are easily seen early on, giving you the confidence you need to take your dating experience to the next level.  No more “serial first daters” because you now know your USP! Let us know your success stories and remember we’re always rooting for you!
Here’s to LOVE!
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