Can All Women 'Squirt'? Can His Penis Be Too Big? Your Biggest Sex Questions Answered By An OBGYN

Lauren Porter Dec, 20, 2017

This year, you had some very important questions about S-E-X. Lucky for you, we called on OBGYN, Dr. Jessica Shepherd, to offer her medical expertise and answers on everything from rough sex to female ejaculation.

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The answer: Yes and no. Dr. Shepherd said that just like men can ejaculate, women can too. 

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The answer: During pregnancy, women are encouraged to get sexual pleasure from their partners but there are some limitations. 

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The answer: Yes, there is such a thing as big being too big and Dr. Shepherd happily sets the record straight about all things size. 

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The answer: Every woman experiences discharge, it's just a part of life but Dr. Shepherd makes one thing clear--there's a difference between normal and abnomral discharge and you can often tell the difference in your undergarments. 

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The answer: Yes, your vagina can endure traumas that can lead to irritation and other things. 

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The answer: Absolutely! There's more sperm in pre-cum than you can ever imagine. 

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The answer: Well, it could be the lubricant but it could also be a host of other things. Dr. Shepherd advises on what to do.

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The answer: If you have normal test results, recommendations for a pap smear have changed but Dr. Shepherd gives her expert opinion that everyone should take heed of. 

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