What You Said: Is Casual Sex Ever Okay?

While some women are waiting until marriage, others often admit to enjoying sex as much as men do. We asked you to share your thoughts on sex before love. Read our favorites here!

Charli Penn Aug, 26, 2013

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"I used to be open to it, but now casual sex is just a big no-no to me. There are just too many diseases out there and not enough men and women using their brains before pulling down their pants." -- Allegra

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“I believe in the 90days rule. Wait and see if this person is truly worth it.” – Jo

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“As a mature woman who is comfortable with her sexuality, I do what I feel. I have no rules, and no set time limit to wait.” – Pat E.

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“I need to know you for at least six months and then we are going to the doctor to get tested before any hanky panky happens. No if, ands or buts about it!” – Dominique

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“There is nothing wrong with casual sex to me, but right now for me, I am at the point in my life where I must truly feel something for the person I sleep with, so I will wait until it is serious.” – Suzanne

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“Sex too soon in a relationship can be damaging and cloud one's judgment about the things that are important to them. I think you should get to know someone first, test their character and see what kind of person they really are before jumping into bed with them.” – Regina

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“Casual sex should be a no-no, but it today you seem abnormal if you don’t have it. Most men run in the other direction if you say you're celibate.” – Najah

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“Two people lie down and one always gets up with feelings.” – Leilei

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“Casual sex with a serious commitment is too dangerous. There are so many diseases, infidelity, a guy’s sketchy background. Just too dangerous.” – Hill

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“If I am having sex it IS serious. Very serious! Case closed.” – Kim

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“In reality u should have sex on your wedding night, but in a lot of cases, it doesn't work that way. You shouldn't have sex with anyone that you aren't fully committed to. Having sex with someone with no commitment makes you look desperate and the guy may assume you have sex with every single guy that gives you attention. If you can’t wait until marriage, at least wait until you are both fully committed.” – Camelia

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"Sex can lead to that deep love. To me sex can be so beautiful when the butterflies develop in the stomach and those soft touches become hard then darkness and all good feelings." -- Leila