Bridal Bliss: College Sweethearts Zeb and LaToya's Regal Wedding Was Oh So Romantic

They met on the campus of North Carolina A&T and it was love. See their beautiful wedding day!

Lauren Porter Sep, 06, 2017

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Bride: LaToya Sherrell Mann, 33, Quality Engineer
Groom: Zeb Franklin High, Jr., 33, Accountant
The Big Day: 11/5/16
Location: Greensboro, North Carolina
Style/Theme: Regal Romance

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"LaToya is the embodiment of beauty and wisdom, with style and grace," said the groom of his bride.

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"His smile, his genuine heart and optimism and big personality are some of the things I love most about him," the bride explained.

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"Being a bride was more than I could’ve ever imagined!," LaToya explained. "I learned so much during that short time. I learned about other people, my Husband, and myself. I learned who was truly there, supportive, and happy for me. I learned how supportive my husband is, but that he also knows how to say no, lol. I learned what I like and what the many symbols surrounding marriage actually mean to me and at the end of it all not only should you aim for a beautiful wedding, but a strong a beautiful marriage. It felt so good to have all the love shown and celebrate every special moment with everyone I love and care for."

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"Being a groom definitely felt like what I’d dream it would be," admitted Zeb. "The overwhelming support from my family and friends and being lucky enough to marry my beautiful best friend."

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"I knew Zeb was the one when everything that I had prayed for was revealed, without me having to 'prompt' a conversation," the bride confessed. "I distinctly remember one night before bed, after praying for God to show me that He is pleased with Zeb as the man for me, Zeb called within minutes because I was “on his mind and he just wanted to tell me he loved me.” That was the confirmation that I needed. However, as we women do, prior to being engaged I would ask Zeb what his ideas were surrounding marriage and why he thinks that he would be happy with me and his responses would be simple, “I just want to love you and make you happy, that’s what makes me happy.” Finally, I knew, knew when he moved from 8 years of being established in DC to start all over in little old Wilson, NC with me."

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"The man that I married is kind and gentle," said the bride. "Brilliant and hard-working yet ceases every opportunity to enjoy our life together at the highest level."

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"I knew she was the one when I started to consider how everything I did would affect her," said the groom. "Her selflessness and belief in me and our relationship made me choose to marry her and it’s the best decision I ever made."

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"My dad walked me down the aisle," said LaToya. "As I’ve grown, we’ve grown, we both needed to share that moment together."

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"Standing in front of my husband and looking into his eyes at the altar was a moment that I will never forget," shared the bride. "Even in front of a large audience I found comfort looking in his eyes, as if it was just the two of us standing there. I think it was God letting me know I was right where I needed to be."

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To surprise LaToya for her 31st birthday, Zeb planned a party she'd never forget because he asked for her hand in marriage. "I was elated when Zeb proposed," the bride recalled. "My heart felt like it traveled from my chest to all my extremities and nerve endings all at the same time. I cried. I was so full of emotion from the slow buildup that I was shaking. It was like a dream not to mention to have all my loved ones there to share in this with me and give their support and approval. It was the next day before I could really calm down, I was on a cloud."

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"I did not think I would find true love how and when I did," shared Zeb. "I believed that we would always be friends but the timing worked out perfectly and I am very happy it did."

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To help pull off the regal and romantic theme of her big day, the bride opted for, "bold shades of deep Marsala calla-lilies, and black magic roses, deep purple to fuchsia Orchids, tulips, and lush greenery for the bridesmaid’s bouquets and the reception. I wanted simple flowers that are striking. I also wanted a mostly white ceremony space and dramatic deep hues of wine and Marsala with delicate blush for the reception."

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"He gives me hope for the future," the bride shared. "I always feel like with him, everything will be alright."

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We love Zeb's cufflinks for his big day!

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LaToya and her bridesmaids look wonderful!

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"Regal romance was inspiration surrounding the details of our wedding with stunning, statement touches," said the bride. "Since we are both in our thirties versus our twenties, I felt it was important to really create an aura that exuded the well vested love, devotion, and romance that my husband and I share."

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"We just wanted a classic clean black tuxedo for my husband with a custom print on the blazer and a classic clean look for the guys."

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"Our cake was textured, five-tiered with a combination of round layers with hexagon risers. Rose gold “sequin” and white chocolate shavings with our wedding date in Roman Numerals were the décor. Along with some deep Marsala floral additions. The flavors were Lemon Raspberry, Fresh Strawberry, White Velvet, and our top tier was Italian Cream. I love sweets especially cake, my husband could do without but we both agreed these flavors tasted best!"

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For their first dance as husband and wife, Zeb and LaToya shared a sweet moment to "In A Sentimental Mood" by John Coltrane.


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