10 Recent Brides Share How One Trick Saved Them Thousands On Their Wedding Day

Matthew J Ellis/ Something Blue Photography

You really don't have to go broke to get married, promise. These real brides tell all.

Ashley Coleman Jun, 16, 2017

Your wedding day is no doubt one of the most special days of your life. But that doesn’t mean that you have to go bankrupt trying to achieve the wedding of your dreams. You can have the wedding you want within the budget you have, but you’re going to need some helpw.

Recent brides share their best money saving tips that helped them walk down the aisle without worrying about their bank accounts.

1 of 10 Matthew J Ellis/ Something Blue Photography

I saved a lot on my dress by going to a place that sold pieces. I was able to mix and match to "create" my own dress. It was fun and I still had a beautiful look for my day. For my bridesmaids, I had them order their dresses from a website online. Now that can be a shot in the dark because they did not go into a store to try it on but we ordered them early enough that if they did not work out they could be shipped back and we would still have time to find the right dress. Luckily for me, the girls Loved their dresses and loved the price. They were also convertible dresses so we could adjust the style that would fit everyone's body type. - Natasha Commissiong

2 of 10 Brett Munoz  

I absolutely fell in love with my wedding venue during the initial walk through. I knew that I wanted the location, but the booking fees varied based on the day of booking. We booked our wedding on a Friday, and we saved about 10,000 compared to the Saturday date the next day. I was able to book my dream venue with a less pricey booking fee! Also, most vender services spike on Saturdays, so delivery and set-up fees for other venders were significantly cheaper on our wedding day. Many of our friends also had weddings on a Thursday, Friday, or Sunday. Guests that really want to support your union will show up and show out for you, on whatever day you plan. - Larisha Peterside

3 of 10 Silly Genius

Buying hundreds of gifts for multiple people can easily drive up the cost of a wedding. Use your photo booth as party favors. You can find a great deal on Groupon or make your own. That way guests can have the photo as a take-away from your wedding! - Ka’Lyn Coghill

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Don't waste money on things people will throw away. I wanted personalized napkins, they are cute and will jazz up any reception table, but who's going to keep them? No one. - Amanda Pottinger

5 of 10 Alessandra Thomas

We were not afraid of buying things that were used or pre-owned. Our centerpieces will have been used at another event, so we saved money on those. We also used other decorative elements that were pre-owned. My dress was a sample dress (so it had been tried on multiple times, and had some wear and tear), but even with alterations, I ended up saving 60% of what the original value of the dress was. Tradesy is a great place to start for used gowns and veils. - Tamara Wilkerson

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Flowers are beautiful, but it's pricey, so be wise when choosing them.  Buy flowers that are in season, my florist taught me that. Flowers can be so expensive, but if you stick to one of two kinds and ones in season, then this will save you money for the ladies wanting real flowers over fake. However, fake flowers are always an inexpensive buy and will still make your room beautiful. - Anshia Crooms

7 of 10 The Pros Photography Company

Don't be afraid to ask about discounts. Some vendors will extend offers such as military discounts, but only if you ask. Also, If D-I-Y (Do it yourself) isn't a strength, you can still rely on the pros but save costs.  Use vendors for certain aspects, but D-I-Y the other parts.  For example, we used pocket invitations so we purchased the main pocket from a vendor, but created our own enclosures. - DeAndra Jackson Cooper

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You’ve seen the large bridal shows that showcase multiple vendors including paper companies, bakeries, DJs and bands.They are great fun and often offer free items or a chance to win free items. I won a free bridal shoot and two sets of wedding bands. - Coreea Allen

9 of 10 Ahad Subzwari

I know this sounds a bit crazy however this was the best financial decision I made throughout the wedding planning process. By doing that it saved me almost 2,000.00 total! I planned my whole wedding by myself with some assistance from a very close friend of mine. I went to all the vendor meetings (The less vendors you have the better!) I organized and thoroughly planned out a timeline of how I wanted my wedding to flow, arranged my seating chart for the wedding, and pretty much did every single thing that a wedding planner would do. Now It wasn't the easiest task in the world especially because I worked 2 jobs at the time but If I could do it so could you! - Chelsea Graham 

10 of 10 Barbara McLaughlin

Sometimes you have to use what you have. We were able to cut costs by getting married at my Dad’s church. We had cousins decorate and we weren’t afraid of DIY. - Diona Howard-Nicolas


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