Bridal Bliss: Terrell And Grace's Gorgeous Vineyard Wedding Stole Our Hearts

Lauren Porter Aug, 22, 2018

A chance meeting at a college party led to forever for the bride and groom. After three years of friendship, they fell in love and six years later, they made it official on a beautiful vineyard in Virginia. Can you feel the love?

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Bride: Grace Danielle Villines, 28, Health Data Analyst Groom: Terrell Lee Wells, 29, Business Process Consultant The Big Day: 6/9/2018 Location: Morais Vineyard & Winery Style/Theme: Modern Glam Champagne Life Vendors Photographer: Kimie James Venue: Morais Winery & Vineyards Rentals: Memorable Moments Throne Chair Rental: BeSeated Brides Hair: Haley of Loveley’s Hair Makeup: Stefani J Beauty DJ: DJ NiteCrawler Violinist: Jen Violin Caterer: Events by Dori, no website Videography: Expsd Creative, LLC Florist/Décor: The Flower Guy Bron

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"Since the first year we met, Terrell and I had a tradition of going to at least one NFL game per season. We don’t really have a team per say, but Terrell likes to say that we’re just 'fans of the game.' True to tradition, Terrell got us tickets to see the Panthers Monday Night Football game for October 9, 2016, they were playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, recalled Grace. "Since the game was on Monday we decided to get to Charlotte early that day before and enjoy a day in the city before the game. Once we got checked into the hotel, Terrell told me to get dressed and that we were catching a bus to go to a vineyard for a wine tasting. All I needed to hear was the word “wine”, so I quickly got dressed and was ready to go. Terrell said that we would have to walk down the street from the hotel to catch the bus and the next thing I know, we are walking through Romare Bearden Park and he holds my hand and begins telling me all of these sweet things. We turn the corner and both of our parents and close friends are standing there with balloons that said, “MARRY ME.” Of course, I cried and said yes! I couldn’t believe everyone had not only traveled for that special moment but managed to keep it a secret (especially my Dad). After all of the laughs, hugs, and tears, we all went out to eat at the Fahrenheit rooftop restaurant, it was absolutely beautiful. The next day, I went to my first NFL game as an engaged woman."

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With her seven bridesmaids, Grace was surrounded by positive vibes as she got ready on her big day.

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"It wasn’t difficult selecting a dress at all, I only tried on a total of 5 dresses. I had gone to a bridal show and Tiffany’s had a fashion show that showcased their dresses, I really liked a few of them so I decided to go there to begin the search," the bride shared of finding her dream dress. "I pretty much knew that I wanted a mermaid style dress and that was what I ended up getting. The silhouette was simple but it had enough detail and sparkle that it didn’t look plain. I knew it was the one after I left the shop without it and couldn’t stop thinking about it. I had considered going to another shop and trying additional dresses on but decided that it wasn’t worth complicating my decision."

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"It felt good to be a groom!," said Terrell. "I didn’t have any preconceived notions of what being a groom would be like but I enjoyed the entire process and our wedding day was the best day of my life."

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Grace's shoes were her "something new" and we must admit that they are some kind of wonderful!

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"The man I married is driven, spontaneous, funny, extremely caring and laid back. He is just so secure in being himself and I admire that."

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"The woman I married is a motivated, ambitious, determined woman who is focused on being her best self while also being a genuine, loving, caring, and supportive wife to me. She’s amazing," said the groom of his bride.

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"My dad walked me down the aisle. He had been waiting for that moment my whole life," said the bride. "He had tears flowing down his face the entire walk down the aisle. I think every father has the dream of walking their “little” girl down the aisle and giving her away."

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"I felt fortunate," said Terrell of being at the altar with Grace. "To stand in front of the most beautiful woman in the world and know that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with me. I felt privileged. And I knew from this day forward I had responsibility spend every day of my life fulfilling hers."

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"Terrell is perfect in my eyes so I felt grateful that God allowed us to have that moment and that He feels that I am deserving of sharing my life with such a special person."

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Grace and Terrell's bridal party was one lively bunch!

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"I knew Terrell was the one the day he asked me to be his girlfriend," the bride shared. "We had already been friends for so long that becoming more than friends seemed like the natural next step, but we both had to get through a few hurdles in order to feel ready for a full on relationship. On Valentine’s Day 2012 Terrell came over to my dorm with a full suit on and handed me his “resume.” This resume listed all of his qualifications that made him worthy of the job of being my boyfriend. It made me feel special that he had put so much thought and effort into something that could’ve easily been a non-event. I loved that he wanted to take his “job” seriously. I still have a copy of his resume to this day."

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Grace and her girls looked L-I-T with love on her wedding day!

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"Grace stole my heart in college and she’s had it ever since. During my senior year, while playing football, I dislocated my shoulder and had to get surgery. I was calm, cool, and collected because I had a procedure done by this clinician before, but Grace was on pins and needles. She’s a worrier, but you can tell it’s a reflection of her care. That’s one thing that I admire the most; how deep and genuinely she cares. Anyway, the surgery went well, exactly like the last, but the difference this time was the first thing I saw when I opened my eyes. It was Grace. Standing by the bedside holding my hand as if she was waiting for me to come back to her. At that moment I realized I could wake up to her smile every day for the rest of my life."

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Don't Terrell and his groomsmen look simply dapper?

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"My bouquet had mostly white roses with white waterfall orchids."

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"Terrell has so many amazing traits but to narrow it down to one, I would say his calm spirit. His presence is so peaceful," said Grace of her groom. "I don’t get stressed out often but on the rare occasions that I do, I am usually in complete stress mode. He always knows what to say and/or do to make whatever is bothering me better. I can tell that he cares deeply and always wants me to feel the peace that he feels."

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After being announced as husband and wife for the very first time, the bride and groom entered their wedding with a bang!

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"Our wedding cake was a huge three-tiered cake with a design on the top and bottom layer with a purple ribbon around the middle layer. It turned out beautiful! Our cake was a surprise gift from Terrell’s mother. We didn’t see the cake until we entered the reception, she kept the design a secret from us the entire time! She did, however, let both of us choose a flavor that we wanted. Terrell chose red velvet and I chose lemon. The third layer ended up being a raspberry swirl. Terrell’s mom said she didn’t want a boring chocolate or vanilla cake."

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On her big day, the bride had some sorority sisters by her side for all the celebrations.

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"Terrell is my person. He’s the one I vent to, laugh with, joke with and just experience life with," said the bride. "Looking back on all of the amazing experiences we’ve had so far, I just knew that with him the best is yet to come. I couldn’t imagine my life without him."