Bridal Bliss: See Sheldon and Nadine's Feel-Good Modern Wedding Photos

Newlyweds Sheldon and Nadine worked in the same ministry circles before becoming close friends who took time falling in love. With a strong foundation of trust and friendship beneath them, they headed down the aisle. See all of our favorite moments from their beautiful wedding!

Lauren Porter Nov, 16, 2016

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Bride: Nadine Hawthorne, Marketing Specialist/Stylist & Blogger

Groom: Sheldon Robinson, Payroll Accountant

The Big Day: 09/22/2016

Location: River Vale, New Jersey

Theme: Modern Elegance

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"Being a bride felt amazing," beamed Nadine. "It was surreal. I often describe it as an outer body experience. I was there observing and taking in this awesome blessing but just couldn’t believe all that was taking place."

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"The entire day felt life a dream," said the groom. "Everything was perfect. I was nervous, but overjoyed to marry my friend."

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For her something blue, Nadine opted for some amazing shoes. Great choice girl!

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When describing Sheldon, Nadine couldn't help but gush about the one who stole her heart. "He is completely driven and passionate," she shared. "He is so devoted to what he believes in, loves his family and friends and has a generous heart of gold."

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"I would describe my wife as the most loving, compassionate and genuine person I ever laid eyes on," said Sheldon. "She is not only beautiful outwardly; she is simply perfect for me."

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Sheldon proposed to Nadine and it was complete surprise! With her friends and family waiting in the wings, he popped the question during a staged photoshoot to capture her reaction and make for the perfect date that she would always, always, always remember.

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"I knew she was the one when we started dating," said Sheldon. "We were friends for a few years and everything always seemed to flow so naturally."

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"I said yes because I could see my future with him – he is my best friend and I wouldn’t want to share my life with anyone else," shared the bride. "He’d proven his love and intentions toward me over the years and I was secure I’d have a full life with joy and happiness."

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"She embodies everything and more than I was looking for in a life partner," said the groom. "She completes and brings out the best in me.  She loves unconditionally."

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"He’s has a good heart," said Nadine. "He genuinely cares about people. He’s also such a dreamer and visionary. He thinks big! He has a desire to do big things and take as many people as he can along with him in the process."

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"My bridesmaids consisted of my youngest sister who was the best maid of honor on earth, my church friends and college friends and Sheldon's sister," said the bride.

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"I always thought I’d find true love and get married but it didn’t seem like it was happening at the time I thought it would," shared Nadine. "What I have here with my husband seriously snuck up on me without my permission. I wasn’t looking for a relationship at the time and before I knew it, my friend stole my heart."

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By his side on his big day, Sheldon had his best friend since high school as his best man, some of his friends from church, one of his nephew's and one of Nadine's nephews. 

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"I knew Sheldon was the one when I realized he was who I wanted to share every victory with and vent about every defeat to. The ease and peace that was in my heart toward him and the willingness to share who I was without judgement was met with genuine love, support and concern. Being with him taught me what unconditional love is. We can't stand being upset with one another. We both experienced quite a few ups and downs and found one another as a tower of refuge and support when facing these bouts with life. There was no question that when matters arose, we would be there for one another. With Sheldon, I didn't feel like I had to be something or someone else to gain his interest. I was myself. I told my silly jokes, I held to my deeply rooted convictions and he never left. I could be my complete self without any fear. I sensed his love and commitment from the onset of our friendship to the day he asked me out, until our engagement when he bowed on one knee in the sand and right up until my journey to the altar. I feared losing the dynamic that came with being his friend, but now realize that I have gained so much more with being his wife!"

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"My dad walked me down the aisle," said the bride. "I wouldn't have it any other way. He's helped to groom me for this special moment in my life."

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"I knew I would find true love one day," the groom said. "I didn’t know I would find it so quickly."

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"I was overwhelmed with joy," Nadine said as she recalled looking at Sheldon on their wedding day. "I just couldn't believe that we finally made it to this moment that we always spoke about and dreamt about."

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"I truly felt complete and overjoyed knowing that God had placed this young woman in my life," shared Sheldon of looking at Nadine on their wedding day. 

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"Our cake was a round 4 tier vanilla cake with dulce de leche mousse and butter cream vanilla icing," shared the bride. "The seccond cake was white with thin navy ribbon, pin dots on the nd tier and blush colored rosettes on the bottom tier."

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"Three years into our friendship, Sheldon and I prayerfully decided to take our friendship to the next level," said the bride. "We were very cautious in moving forward because we greatly treasured what we had as friends and didn't want to ruin it. But now we couldn't be happier with what that decision yielded."