Bridal Bliss: Partners in Crime

Raquel and Chris met in law school, and now they’re happily living out their life sentence of love.

Charli Penn Aug, 31, 2011

Bride: Raquel Bellamy, 24, Lawyer

Groom: Christopher M. Bellamy, 33, Lawyer

Married Since: March 6, 2011

Wedding Location: Nashville, TN

Partners in Crime
When Raquel set her sights on law school, she never dreamed she’d wind up coming home with a degree and a husband. It was at Vanderbilt University Law School’s “Admitted Students Day” that she first met Chris, a gorgeous and kind law student, who told her to “strongly consider” coming to the program. She’d already planned to attend, but she can’t lie, meeting Chris sure sweetened the deal.

“He left a lasting impression,” says Raquel. “I knew he’d be a great mentor or friend throughout my life. That day, I never imagined that we would date and marry.”

From study buddies, to partners in crime, Chris and Raquel both fell madly in love.

Sky High
One of Chris and Raquel’s favorite movies is “Up”, an animated story about a couple who grows old together and shares all their hopes and dreams. In the movie, the elderly man uses hundreds of helium-filled balloons to float away and travel to the magical place he and his wife dreamed of together. Chris channeled this theme for his proposal on their one-year anniversary. He took Raquel to the city where they had their first date. He had lots of surprises for her throughout the day, but the best one came later that night.

“Chris took me to a special place where he had a helium machine and lots of balloons,” recalls Raquel. “He told me we were going to blow them up, write down our hopes and dreams on a scroll, and then tie them to the balloons and set them free.”

Everybody, all together now: Aww! While Raquel took almost an hour to jot down hers, Chris took only five minutes because he knew exactly what he wanted to say. Raquel started to tear up when she read what he’d written on his scroll: “You have made me the happiest man alive, so there is only one thing left for me to say. Will you be my wife?”

She said yes, of course, and the happy couple released their scrolls into the sky. They watched happily as the balloons floated off into the sky and wondered if anyone ever found their love story. Raquel and Chris set off to plan the modern wedding of their dreams. Share their love!

Photography by Scrole Vision Photography