Bridal Bliss: Rohan And Whitney's Philadelphia Wedding Was Luxurious And Classic 

Lauren Porter Nov, 08, 2017

After reconnecting on Facebook, there was no turning back for the love story between the bride and groom. Tying the knot at the Union Trust in Philadelphia, these two and their classic and timeless wedding was simply love overboard.

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Bride: Whitney Ayane Eautilia Phillips, 31, Higher Education Professional/Doctoral Student
Groom: Rohan Marlon Arjun, 30, Director of Admission at an Independent Boarding School
The Big Day: 8/5/2017
Location: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Style/Theme: Luxurious, Classic and Timeless

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"It felt absolutely amazing and it was more than I even dreamed it would be,"  said Whitney. "Everyone was so supportive and helpful during the planning process. The day of the wedding was completely stress free."

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"My dress was designed by Mori Lee. When I set out on the journey to find the perfect dress I knew that I wanted an ivory or champagne color dress with beading/sparkle because I felt that it would look amazing against my complexion especially in a candlelit venue," said the bride of the journey finding her dress. "My mother flew from Ohio to Massachusetts and together we spent the entire weekend going from bridal salon to bridal salon. After trying on about a dozen dresses, we finally made it to the last salon and it was at this appointment that I found the one. I knew it was the one because I felt gorgeous in it and it also helped that my mom cried when she saw me."

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"It felt great to be a groom and not just any groom, Whitney’s groom!," revealed Rohan. "If you would have told me several years ago that I would be able to pull off a wedding as amazing as this one, I would say yea right. Nevertheless, we did it and our marriage will be even more beautiful and even more amazing than our wedding."

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Rohan gifted Whitney this gorgeous necklace and she was more than happy to wear it on their wedding day!

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"I chose to make her my wife when I realized that despite her “flaws,” not only would I not have her any other way, but I also could not picture spending the rest of life without her and her quirks," said the groom of his bride. "I believe that we were made to be together. I was afraid to do anything to lose her and realized that I did not want anybody but her."

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Rohan and Whitney first met when they were each in college. Although they went to different schools, everyone knew they'd be a great fit. They went and one date and went their separate ways but after reconnecting on social media, they've been smitten ever since. 

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"My bouquet was made up of different variations of white flowers (roses, hydrangeas, ranunculus, etc.)  and navy blue brooches," said the bride. 

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"I can’t say definitively that there was one exact moment that I knew Rohan was the one, but there was one moment that I knew that what we had was different and in that moment I prayed that God would reveal that he was indeed the one. When we first started dating he and I went to breakfast and were chatting and waiting for our food when it finally came out. I don’t remember our exact orders but I do remember that we both had eggs. Immediately I asked him to pass me the ketchup and he asked if I was going to put the ketchup on my eggs. I became very defensive because I know it’s not a preference of most people and he calmly said “when you’re done, I need it for my eggs.” I know this seems trivial, but at that moment I knew that I would never have to be someone I wasn’t around him, he wouldn’t judge me, he accepted me in my raw form, ketchup on my eggs and all. I prayed that he was the one, and he was."

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The bride and groom selected a four layer butter cream cake that was full of flavor. "The flavors were a lemon cake with raspberry filling and a raspberry cake with cram cheese filling," Whitney shared. 

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"Before meeting Rohan, I would always tell my friends that I needed more," recalled the bride. "Little did I know, Rohan was the more that I needed. He challenges me to be the greatest version of myself, he is my greatest cheerleader and supporter, and he provides for our little family of two like his life depends on it. I love him with all my heart and said yes because he was and always will be my more, more now than ever actually."

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"Looking into her eyes at the altar, I felt like no one or anything else mattered in that moment," said Rohan. "While it seemed surreal, I was more confident than I have ever been because I knew that spending the rest of my life with my best friend was the best and most important decision that I have ever and will ever make."

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"I attended High School with my matron and maid of honor and have been best friends ever since," said Whitney of the ladies in her bridal party. "I also had seven bridesmaids consisting of the groom’s sister and sister-in-law, my first cousin who is more like a sister, another friend from high school, my college roommate, a colleague turned best friend, another very close friend who has become my big sister, and Rohan’s niece as the Flower Girl."

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They did it!

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Don't Rohan and his groomsmen looks handsome!

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After they jumped the broom, it was official--Rohan and Whitney were one. 

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The bride and her mother were simply gorgeous on the big day!

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"My father walked me down the aisle," Whitney shared. "I am the baby of the family and he and I are very close. Over the last few years he has experienced several challenges with his health so it meant a lot for him to be able to stand by my side and present me to my husband."

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"Whenever you see Rohan he will have a thousand watt smile plastered across his face," said the bride of her groom. "When he’s happy, he smiles. Sad, smiles. Stressed, smiles. His smile will light up a room and makes him unforgettable. Whenever I see his smile and hear his laugh it mutes anything else that’s going on wrong in the world. His smile is reassuring, comforting, and my safe place."

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The bride and groom rocked matching monogramed loafers on the dance floor at their reception. It doesn't get any cuter than that!