Bridal Bliss: Omari and Shadeen's New York Wedding Was Filled With Classic Romance Vibes

Omari and Shadeen swapped vows during a winter wedding in New York, and their sweet day will give you all the feels.

Lauren Porter Mar, 08, 2017

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Bride: Shadeen Jones, 35, Executive Assistant

Groom: Omari Thompson, 32, Sr. Budget Analyst

The Big Day: 12/15/16

Location: 501 Union New York, New York

Style/Theme: Old School Romantic

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"Being a bride felt very magical," said Shadeen. "I felt every emotion possible."

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"I felt good being a groom," Omari shared of how he felt on the big day. "I was surrounded by family and friends that I love and I knew everyone there was truly happy for both Shadeen and I."

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Shadeen got ready on her wedding day with some lovely helping hands!

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We love a dress with buttons and it looks like Shadeen's dress is beautiful!

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On her wedding day, the bride felt like the luckiest girl in the world. "It was the most beautiful I ever felt in my entire life and those who are in your presence while you’re getting ready have a great impact on how you feel that day. I was surrounded by happiness, love and great energy."

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"At the beginning it was a bit difficult to get a style of dress that would complement my slim frame,"the bride shared. "However, I knew that I wanted a mermaid style dress and for the color to be warm, to give me the wintery look. I tried on 14 dresses and my dress happened to be number 12. From the moment I put it on, I knew that this was going to be the dress."

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The bride was surrounded my love and light on her wedding day. "My maid of honor was my 13 year old daughter Keshai, and my bridesmaids included my two cousins Schapel and Tiffany and one of my closest friends, Nicole."

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"I would describe Shadeen as classy, passionate, caring, determined and a very thoughtful person," said the groom of his bride.

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Omari's twin brother was by his side as his best man on his big day. Other family and friends stood with him too as he said "I do!"

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Shadeen and her stunning bridal party are certainly glowing!

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The groom and his groomsmen looked like they had a grand time on his big day!

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"I would describe Omari as calm, mature, sensitive, passionate, and consistent and a great man all together," said Shadeen of her groom.

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Omari and Shadeen's nieces were the cutest little flower girls on their wedding day!

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"Since I wanted the ceremony to be more traditional I had my father walk me down the aisle," shared the bride. "I love him dearly and wouldn’t have had it any other way. I started to cry while walking down the aisle but my father told me to “woman up” and I dried my eye and continued down the aisle."

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Omari popped the question to Shadeen on her birthday. After telling her they were having dinner at one of her favorite restaurants, she rushed home to the ultimate surprise--he had hired a personal chef to fix them something extra special. After their lovely dinner, Omari presented Shadeen with a birthday cake and asked that she closed her eyes to make a wish. "I complied and when I opened my eyes, I realized my wish was coming true…Omari was on one knee proposing!"

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"I knew he was the one from our first date," shared Shadeen of when she knew Omari was the one for her. "We had so much in common and the date went so well, I didn’t want it to end."

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The bride and groom are making things official!

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"I don’t believe I ever told her this before, but about 9 months prior to us meeting, I prayed that I would find somebody that would love me unconditionally," shared the groom. "When Shadeen and I first started communicating via FB, I wasn’t sure who I was talking too and didn’t know what to say. We talked every day for about two weeks and I realized the conversation was going good, so I took a leap of faith and just asked her out. I just remembered that I had prayed for a healthy relationship and didn’t want to possibly be blocking my blessing. Boy was I glad that we did go out because we haven’t stopped seeing each other ever since."

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"When I looked in Shadeen’s eyes, I said to myself wow, this is my wife," shared Omari. "I was ecstatic knowing that she is the woman I would be spending the rest of my life with."

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"I knew from the first time we met that Shadeen and I would have a long beautiful relationship," said Omari. "After being with her for a couple of years and truly knowing the woman she is I knew she was the one."

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"I said yes because I love Omari with all my heart," said Shadeen. "He’s God-fearing, a great parent to my daughter Keshai and he keeps me completely level headed. He’s the quiet to my storm."

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The new Mr. and Mrs. and the groomsmen look awfully good!

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The bride and groom picked the perfect cake flavors for their wedding day but the process wasn't easy. After trying 6 different flavors, they weren't sure what to decide on until they tried the strawberry cake and they know that was the one! "We both immediately knew the strawberry cake was our favorite as well as the Ciroc infused cake. We decided to do a three tier cake with our 3 favorite’s: strawberry, Ciroc infused and red velvet. It was a perfect mix, as it matched perfectly with our wedding colors."

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The group knows how to have a good time!

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"I knew she was the one from our first date," said Omari. "The energy that night felt right and you could feel a real connection between us. We had so much in common. I remember telling my friend Darlene that we even had similar cars and that we both wore the same colors on that date (gray top and dark blue jeans), lol. I don’t know, it kind of freaked me out at first but I knew it meant something."

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The bride has her daughter, her bridesmaid and her husband by her side. What could be better?!

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"The thing I love most about Omari is that he’s caring and genuine," said the bride. "He treats his friends as if they were his own family."

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The bride and groom treated their guests to something sweet as they partied throughout the night. "Omari and I wanted to add a little Caribbean flare to the wedding so had tropical flavored popsicles. We had them setup around the time we knew the party would start so that our guest had something cold in their hands as they partied with us." What a great touch!

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"The thing I love most about Shadeen is that she always puts me on top of a pedestal," shared Omari. "She has always been my cheerleader and my biggest fan."

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Omari and his mom shared a sweet dance during the reception. There is nothing like a mother's love!

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"Looking at him on out wedding day, I felt extremely happy," Shadeen said. "The moment was so magical. It was like we were both in our own worlds."

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The bride and her dad held nothing back on the dance floor--we love it!

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Life for these newlyweds looks oh-so good!


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