Bridal Bliss: Michael and Hollani's Sweet Florida Ceremony Is As Good As It Gets

How divine it must be to find the love of your life when you least expect it--let alone at the gym! Love for Michael and Hollani began that way and it's only gotten better since then. Even though long distance and sickness tried to get in the way, love for these two always prevailed. See the photo's from their sweet road onto forever as Mr. and Mrs!

Lauren Porter Nov, 23, 2016

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Bride: Hollani Callie Davis, 35, TV Anchor

Groom: Michael Noland Scott, Jr., 36, Deputy Sheriff

The Big Day: 4/9/2016

Location: West Palm Beach, Florida

Theme: Tropical Paradise

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“Hollani is the epitome of what it means to find a “good thing” in a wife,” said the groom of his bride. “She is forever loving and supportive. Hollani always puts others before herself. When the day or task seems difficult she is always there to encourage me. She never gives up.  She’s a great cook, a wonderful mother to our son and the best teammate a husband could ask for.

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"Michael is a man after God’s own heart," beamed the bride about her groom. "He is very thoughtful and compassionate. It’s not unlike him to see someone in need and pay for their meal. He is my rock. While I know there are things in life that stress him out, he lets me do the freaking out and continues to pour his love, devotion and faithfulness into me, into us."

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"I knew I wanted my hair up," Hollani said. "I wear it down every day for work and am constantly fussing with it. I wanted to take that stress off of my plate from the get-go."

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Michael's 13-year-old son played a major part in he and Hollani's big day. In fact, he served as a groomsmen watching his parents tie the knot. 

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"To be Michael’s bride, his calmness actually rubbed off on me (this once)," recalled Holani. "I was so in the moment and so honored to marry the man I know God made especially for me. My wedding really was the best day of my life. I know there were a few little flubs like when a guest knocked over a votive on the table and started a small fire at the reception (I didn’t know that until I got the extra charge on my bill from the linen company). It didn’t matter. We had a blast and so did our guests. Some still say it was the best wedding ever."

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"It felt like winning the lottery and the Super Bowl all on the same day," shared Michael. "Hollani was amazingly beautiful and everything from the weather to the party and food were perfect."

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Hollani knew her two-piece dress was the one for her the moment she put it on. "I will always keep the sketch they made just for me since my dress was a part of the spring collection that hadn’t rolled out yet," she shared. "It was a two piece [with a] beaded bodice that was to die for. And I loved the ballroom skirt. It just made me feel like an angel. Plus I’ve always wanted a dress with pockets. A small detail and they were spectacular!"

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"My something old was a ring left to my mother by my maternal grandmother," said the bride. "My something borrowed was a heart shaped pendant that my paternal grandmother, who could not attend, gave my sister. My something new and blue was my garter."

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Hollani's mom and sister helped her pick out her dream dress and assisted her in getting ready on her wedding day. "My mom, sister and I started our dress search almost immediately after my engagement!," she shared.

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We are so here for Hollani's bridal shoes! Yaasss!

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Hollani wasn't looking for love when she found Michael. Praying for "the one" meant she trusted in God's timing for love to find it's way to her heart. 

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How beautiful is Hollani on her wedding day! 

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"I wanted the room empty (except for my mom and sister) when my dad saw me for the first time," recalled the bride. "After he came in, we had a family prayer which is something we always do."

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"My dad walked me down the aisle," said the bride. "I am a daddy’s girl and at that moment he was the only one who could truly give me away. My dad loves Michael but I know he thought when I got married, I’d no longer need him. For him to physically extend his hand to my new husband and turn over the duties of protector and provider, that was no small feat."

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“Aside from his laugh lines, I love his heart," said the bride of her groom. "Michael has to be one of the most optimistic people I know. He was in a horrible motorcycle wreck a few months after our initial introduction at the gym. The doctor told him he’d never walk again. These days, he runs. He’s a fighter."

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"I decided to make Hollani my wife because I knew God had put someone very special in my life," said Michael. "She’s gorgeous of course, classy, bright and a well-spoken professional woman who knows how to command any room. At the same time, we can have fun together. I’ve never smiled so much as I have with her. She accepted where I was in life while challenging me to strive for better. My family has loved her from day one. So it was easy to see she was the one for me."

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"I never understood what the passage in Bible truly meant about husband’s loving their wives like Christ loved the church until I met Michael," said the bride. "His utter devotion to me, his desire to want to know everything about me and be the best for me, it still amazes me. I don’t have to be “on” for him as I often am because of my career. He accepts me for who I am faults and all."

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"I love her compassion for others," said Michael. "Hollani continues to go out of her way, even to the point of exhaustion for those she loves and even perfect strangers. She’s just a great woman."

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"How cliché but true: I wasn’t looking for love at all. The first time I went out with Michael is because I knew it was time to step out there and date again; years after a breakup that left me hopeless and probably even a bit heartless. It wasn’t until I had healed and accepted that being single was fantastic, that Michael came along."

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"I did not think true love would come along when it did," shared the groom. "I figured that a woman so beautiful and accomplished had to have a boyfriend. At most, I thought we’d might be good friends. I was pleasantly surprised."

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For their big day, Michael and Hollani had some of the greatest people in their lives by the side as encouraging witnesses to their union. 

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"I knew Hollani was the one when I took her to dinner for her birthday on our third date," recalled Michael. "I picked her up from work. It was her 1st time riding in my vehicle. While she is a very classy lady, she didn’t hesitate at all hopping into my rough SUV. In fact she commented, “Oh these seats are comfortable.” She wanted to be there with me for the man I was and not the kind of car I drove. I was hooked."

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Michael and his groomsmen look great!

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Hollani and her girls are killing the bridal game with these looks!

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How sweet are Michael and his mother on the dance floor during the reception!

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Hollani and her dad are unstoppable on the dance floor. Love it!

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"Looking at Michael on our wedding day was surreal,” shared Hollani. “For me, my first glance at him was confirmation that God not only answers prayers but He will go a step further and do exceedingly and abundantly.”

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"I knew Michael was the one when he was mobilized for the Army for one year in Fort Benning, Georgia," shared the bride.  "He drove to Raleigh, NC to attend a wedding with me. I had been having some medical issues. I received a call from my doctor telling me that I needed to come home to Virginia right away and prepare for emergency surgery. Michael called his superiors and told them he would not be returning to Fort Benning at the end of the weekend because he had to drive me home. He wasn’t sure what the consequences would be. He told me it didn’t matter, I was his first priority. He never left my side and we had only been dating for about six months."

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On their wedding day, Michael and Hollani wanted to feel relaxed, at ease and ready to enjoy night of love, laughter and fun. From the looks of it, their Floridian Tropical Paradise made their big day a dream come true! Congrats!


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