Bridal Bliss: See Lorenzo and Patricia's Picture Perfect Atlanta Wedding

Lorenzo and Patricia met in their high school hallways. The unstoppable couple married on a fall night in Atlanta, officially becoming one forever. See their romantic and elegant affair!

Lauren Porter Oct, 05, 2016

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Bride: Patricia Gibbs, 30, Forensic Specialist
Groom: Lorenzo Campbell, 31, Operations Supervisor
The Big Day: 9/16/16
Location: Atlanta, GA
Theme: Romantic, Elegant and Chic Affair

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When Lorenzo thinks of his bride, four words come to mind: "She is energetic, beautiful, kind and intelligent."

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"I tried on a few dresses and still questioned myself and my friends about it," said the bride. "I stumbled across my couture wedding dress on the designer's website. When I saw it I had to find it and try it on. But the dress was not in stores anywhere. I searched other boutiques for other dresses and I made sure to try on all dresses before getting to the one I chose. Nothing was comparable. As soon as I tried on my wedding dress, I said, 'this is it I am done!'"

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Patricia's bridesmaids couldn't help but take a fun photo before the wedding day festiviites began!

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Lorenzo and Patricia's rings were perfect! 

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"It's still so surreal," said Patricia of how she felt on her wedding day. "I waited my entire life for this and I hold married women so high that its crazy to think that I am actually married. It feels great."

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While walking down the aisle, Patricia strutted in a pair of shoes Lorenzo purchased for her as a Christmas gift. 

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The bridesmaid's rocked black gowns because it happens to be Patricia's favorite color. She chose to stick with all black to help execute her romantic chic theme. 

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Not only did Patricia and her bridesmaids rock all Black but Lorenzo and his groomsmen did too--they look too fly!

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Patricia and Lorenzo's daughter played a big part on their wedding day! She was the flower girl, rocked red bottoms like her mama and she shared a special dance with her daddy during the reception. 

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Dressed in all black, Lorenzo and his groomsmen are killing it!

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Patricia had 8 very special ladies by her side as she tied the knot with Lorenzo. We all can agree that they all locked FLAWLESS!

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"I loved it! It was what I dreamed and more," said Lorenzo of his moment as a groom. "I have a great family and supportive friends that made this dream come true. I owe a special thanks to my Mother, Father, sister, groomsmen, friends, family and my brothers of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity."

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"My dad walked me down the aisle because of traditional reasons. He has always been a part of my life," said Patricia. 

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Patricia decided to write her own vows and while at the altar she fely overwhelmed with joy to finally be marrying the man of her dreams. "At first I felt nervous, but then I felt completely overjoyed with love," she said. "He makes me feel secure."

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"I was actually pretty calm since I noticed when she was coming down the altar she was the one crying," said Lorenzo of how he felt seeing Patricia on their special day. "I felt that one of us had to keep it together. Though, reading my vows was very difficult because it came from a place deep in my heart and I only had one shot to profess this love to her in front of all our loved ones."

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The Mr. planted a big one on his Mrs! 

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They did! 

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With 16 of their cloest friends and family by their side, Lorenzo and Patricia said "I Do" in front of 90+ guests. 

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"I love the way she loves hard for me," says the groom of his new bride. "I love laugh after she thinks she’s a comedian and tells a joke. Most of all I love the fact that though she commands a lot of attention she is always humble and goes above and beyond for all her friends."

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Patricia, Lorenzo and their entire wedding party are all dressed up in love and certainly came to slay the day!

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"He is everything," said Patricia of Lorenzo. "He loves me unconditionally. He has a heart of gold. He is a genuine and loyal person to me, friends and family. He finds my opinion to be super important. He always tries to make sure I am happy."

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Serving nothing but flawlessness, Patricia and her ladies look amazing!

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"Honestly, you would need a few hours for this one Patricia is a diva in the best way possible!," says Lorenzo of his bride. "She knows what she wants and will not let anyone change the way she feels about things. She is a GREAT mother and surprisingly a great cook (lol she may get mad at that one). She is my motivator, partner in crime, supporter etc. Seriously, Patricia has a personality that is attractive. I honestly feel she should on tv, in a magazine or something because she is a star in the making!"

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"I knew I would find true love and I knew Patricia was the one since high school," said Lorenzo. "There is just something different about Patricia and I that really can’t be explained. We allow each other to be ourselves around one another and never take ourselves too serious."

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“I love that he is so grounded and optimistic,” said Patricia. “He was my everything and one true love.”

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"This was a very easy decision. I chose Patricia because of our friendship," said Lorenzo of knowing his bride was the one for him. "She truly is my best friend. No matter what she is always looking out for my best interest and believes in me more than I do myself at times. She embodies a humble spirit but yet has that flash of excitement that keeps me on my toes."

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Lorenzo teared up a bit during his wedding vows but he cried real tears during the reception. Nothing like a man letting the tears fall in the name of love!

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While Patricia didn't go for the traditional "something blue" on her wedding day, she chose to honor both she and her groom with an orange and blue garter belt in honor of where they went to school. 

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To do something special for her groom, Patricia enlisted the help of her bridesmaids to do a surprise dance! "3 Weeks prior to the wedding day, me and one of my bridesmaids came up with a routine to a few of Beyonce’s love songs. We recorded ourselves doing the dance and sent it off to the other girls. I had to make the dance last minute and it was a surprise but also extremely fun!" she said.


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