Bridal Bliss: Kwame and Michele's Sweet Charlotte Wedding Photos Are Full Of Love

Kwame knew instantly that Michele was the woman of his dreams. See their romantic Charlotte wedding style.

Lauren Porter Apr, 12, 2017

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Bride: Michele Lewter, 26, HR Specialist/Natural Hair Vlogger
Groom: Kwame Molden, 30, Founder and Owner of Springbreak Watches 
The Big Day: 4/1/2017
Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Style/Theme: Classic and Elegant

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"It was so much more than I could have dreamed of," said Michele of how she felt to be a bride. "I still can’t believe it all happened and that I am a wife and that I have a husband."

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"It was an amazing experience and the vibes were unreal," said Kwame. "The energy was perfect and everyone had a good time. I felt the love from everyone in the room. It definitely exceeded all of my expectations."

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"I would describe my wife as the epitome of an angel on Earth," said Kwame of Michele. She's sweet, loving, caring, beautiful and my sunshine."

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"I love his determination," said the bride of her groom. "He has a natural drive to be successful and achieve any goal that he has set."

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"I’m in love with her loving spirit the most," said the groom about the love of his life.

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“It was pretty easy for me to select my gown,” said Michele. “I’m the type of shopper who knows right away if I love something or not. I knew right away that I had found THE dress. It fit amazing and complimented me so well that I knew it was the one!”

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Michele's mom was on hand to help complete her bridal look--how sweet!

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"Kwame chose he and his groomsmen’s attire," said the bride. "Instead of renting his tuxedo, he purchased a custom made suit and blazer. His blazer was all purple with a paisley design and black shawl collar. It was very unique and nice."

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“I could not go another holiday without you being my fiancé,” is what Kwame told Michele after proposing two days before Christmas in 2015.

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"I knew he was the one soon after we first began dating when he would travel from Charlotte to Augusta to visit me during the week while he was in graduate school," said Michele.

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"My father walked me down the aisle," the bride shared. "It was only right that the man who raised me and who loved me so much have that honor."

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"I thought I would be more nervous and I was surprised at how calm I was," said the groom. "My brother told me to take in the moment and that is exactly what I was trying to do."

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"It felt unreal to me," said the bride. "I could not believe that this was finally happening. I was marrying the man of dreams in front of everyone that I loved."

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"I have a strong relationship with God and I knew that if I put my trust in Him, I would find true love," said Kwame of knowing he would one day find the one. "I was at a transition period in my life, where I was focused on personal growth and was blessed to reconnect with Michele."

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"Neither of us ended up crying. Although Kwame did have tears in his eyes while we were saying our vows. I honestly could have cried at several different moments but I knew once I started I would not be able to stop. I also did want to ruin my makeup! Kwame told me that he wanted to show leadership at the altar and confidence in our union to all of our friends and family."

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"I did believe that true love existed," said Michele. "I didn’t know when I would find it, but I knew it was out there waiting for me."

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"After being in a relationship with Michele for multiple years, I knew she was the one the whole time," said Kwame. "Also, meeting her beautiful and loving family is what sealed the deal for me. I knew I would want to start a family under their umbrella."

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"The cake was choose we a three tier vanilla and lemon flavored cake," said Michele. "The cake was topped with white and lavender roses and silver beading placed around each layer."

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This photo of the groom and his groomsmen is so heartwarming. It's giving us all the feels!

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"It was honestly love at first sight for me," said Kwame of knowing Michele was indeed the love of his life. "She was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen. I knew she was the one after getting to know her and realizing that she reminded me of my mother."

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"My maid of honor was my older sister Paige Lewter, we are 13 months apart and extremely close," said the bride. "Three of my bridesmaids Kelsey Ballance, Ciara Green and Tonieka Lassiter are my cousins. Two of my bridesmaids were my best friends from way back when. Our flower girl was my niece Amal Molden of Charlotte, NC."

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"I honored my grandparents Audrey and Vernon Lewter who are no longer with us, by wearing a pendant with there picture inside that was tied around my floral bouquet," said the bride.

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Three of Kwame's groomsmen's were his frat brothers and the others were his friends from high school. Talk about brotherhood!

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Michele is simply glowing!

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"I said yes because he possessed all the qualities that I looked for in a husband. Smart, kind, honest, funny, and extremely loving!," the bride shared.

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"I would describe my husband as very hardworking, loving, funny, and caring," shared Michele of Kwame. "He has a big heart!"

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A quick flick with your girls on your big day is always a yes!

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Throw up the hooks fellas!

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Kwame certainly swept his bride off her feet!

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In a room full of people, you can tell that Kwame and Michele were definitely lost in each other!

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This shot is too cute!

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Michele and her girls didn't hold on having the time of their lives on the dance floor!

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The Mr. and Mrs. are simply adorable!

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Congratulations lovebirds!