Bridal Bliss: Justin And Chelsa's Romantic Garden Wedding Was As Magical As It Sounds

Justin and Chelsa met in college but love wasn't always in the plan. Over time, happily ever after found its way into their lives and their start to forever was just beautiful. Take a look at their Atlanta wedding and prepare to fall in love!

Lauren Porter Apr, 19, 2017

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Bride: Chelsa Anderson, 26, Social Worker Groom: Justin Tuggle, 27, Professional Athlete The Big Day: 3/18/17 Location: Atlanta, GA Style/Theme: Romantic Garden

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Chelsa is one gorgeous bride on her big day!

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Looks like Justin is all ready to tie the knot to the love of his life!

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Chelsa had no idea Justin was going to propose but after he was original plan went wrong, he improvised in asking for her hand in marriage. "Justin had gone to Chick-Fil-A for breakfast and when he came back he brought me my food," the bride shared. "He said that there was a surprise in the bag (I thought it was a cookie) and the ring was in the bag. He was on one knee in front of me while I sat on the couch. Apparently he had intended to propose the previous evening in the company of our best friends but a lot of things had gone wrong so he waited until it was just the two of us."

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The bride was definitely surrounded by the love of her favorite ladies as she prepped for her big day!

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We are loving the groom's shoes for his grooms wear. A little texture goes a long way!

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The groom rocked a tailored suit that was made to perfection for his big day!

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"I did not have many expectations for being a bride, Chelsa shared. "I anticipated that the day would be stressful and I would overanalyze everything; it definitely lived up to those expectations. My florist also works as a seamstress and had to help fix my dress at the last minute. She saved the day!"

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We love the pop of color in Justin's look. It matches the theme of he and Chelsa's big day perfectly!

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"I wanted a lot of greenery and I wanted everything to look really soft, romantic and organic," shared the bride of her floral arrangements for her wedding. Mission accomplished!

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"My brother and my step-father walked me down the aisle," shared the bride. "My father died when I was 19 and my stepfather has been in my life for close to 20 years so I thought they were both equally important men in my life who were qualified to give me away."

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Anticipating Chelsa's arrival at the altar, Justin looks so excited to great her!

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What a special moment!

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Neither Justin nor Chelsa shared tears during the big day, they were nothing but smiles!

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The bride and the groom swapped traditional vows. "We both believed that those vows included very important, straight forward promises," Chelsa said.

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Even in a room full of people, these two are definitely the only ones that matter!

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Justin, you sure did kiss your bride!

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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Tuggle!

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Chelsa's bridesmaids were some of her closest friends--how special!

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We are loving the bride and groom's social hashtag!

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With some of his friends from childhood and college, the groom had some great guys by his side on his wedding day!

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How festive is this card featuring details on the bride and groom and their wedding party!

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This bridal party is one gorgeous bunch!

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"Justin and I met in college," Chelsa shared. "He recalls seeing me on the way to class regularly, but I didn’t notice him until he came into the store where I was working and bought something from me. Afterward, he messaged me on Facebook introducing himself. At the time I was not interested. We remained friends and spoke whenever we saw each other out for the next 4 months or so, then talked more frequently for a couple of months before we started dating 6 months after we first met."

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Chelsa is one beautiful bride!

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When it came to the wedding planning, Justin offered his input on the food, drinks and music. He definitely wanted a hand in that!

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To help execute the garden theme of their big day, the couple lots of greenery, flowers and candles. How divine!

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"We both really LOVE sweets," the bride shared. "We had a small, two-tier, cake that was two different flavors. The décor was simple, white icing with some of our wedding flowers and a golden “T.” We had an assortment of mini cupcakes. Cake flavors included lemon cake/lemon curd/cream cheese frosting, coconut cake/coconut cream cheese frosting, devils food cake/chocolate ganache/hazelnut buttercream, yellow cake/strawberry coulis/cream cheese frosting and s'mores cupcakes." Yummy!

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With each bite, these two sure were happy!

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Dark linens in the reception room made the space will so warm and full of romance.

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When you've got the love of your life right by your side, life will always be a party. Congrats!