Bridal Bliss: Jordan and Essie's Romantic Santorini Wedding Is the Epitome Of Wedding Goals

On a winter night in Chicago in 2013, Jordan and Essie crossed paths at an ugly sweater party and the magic happened almost instantly. One look into her eyes and Jordan just knew Essie was the woman of his dreams. Even though the power went out at the party, the suddenly smitten pair stayed by each other's side talking by candlelight for hours. (Swoon!) Since then, their love connection has grown into the greatest love of all. Take in all the beauty of their jaw-droppingly gorgeous Grecian nuptials.Seriously, you won't be able to get enough of these photos.

Lauren Porter Sep, 28, 2016

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Bride: Essie Kueberuwa, 31, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
Groom: Jordan Louis Yates, 27, Senior Partner
The Big Day: 06/04/2016
Location: Santorini, Greece
Theme: Luxury Black Tie

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Essie entrusted her bridal look to a London makeup artist who did a great job on prepping her for her big day!

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Jordan's groomsmen did a stellar job assisting him before he was ready to tie the knot!

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Essie was surrounded by the love of her favorite ladies before saying, "I Do!"

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Jordan personally created the tuxedos he and his groomsmen donned on their big day!

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Essie wanted to feel amazing on her wedding day and she achieved just that! 

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Looking good Jordan!

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Before walking down the aisle, Essie's bridesmaids gave her dress one last look!

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Essie's father walked her down the aisle during her nuptials. 

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The bride said one of her favorite wedding day memories is the look in the groom's eyes as she walked to him at the altar. He hadn't seen her dress and his face as she appeared was priceless!

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Before asking for Essie's hand in marriage, Jordan flew to London to meet her dad to ask for permission to propose. 

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Jordan's 88-year-old grandfather presided over and Essie's nuptials. The cancer survivor and pastor flew from Chicago to marry his grandson and his new bride.

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Essie admits she got a little choked up as Jordan placed the ring on her finger! 

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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Yates!

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When Jordan popped the question, there used 10,000 rose petals on the floor. It's only right roses also made an appearance during he and Essie's big day! 

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The groom makes kissing his bride look, oh so, wonderful!

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"Essie is a paradox," Jordan said as he descibes the women who stole his heart. "She is excellent in every way, organized, intelligent, no nonsense, ethical, and diligent. Simultaneously, Essie is playful, adventurous, and self-reflecting, which enables her to be one of the most balanced individuals that I know."

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When Jordan asked Essie to marry him, the bride didn't hesitate to say yes. She knew he was the one. 

"I said yes because Jordan is the most thoughtful, intelligent, spiritual and loving person I have ever met. He is dedicated to his family and friends, yet still finds time to be fiercely aggressive and successful in his own career. He is a wonderful example of a man for the family we will eventually have."

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Essie loves that Jordan supports her in everything she does. "He is the rock on which our family is built," she said. "He's creative, thoughtful, intelligent, spiritual and loving."

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"Essie has the traits of my mother and grandmother, the two of the greatest women that I have ever known," said the groom of knowing the bride was the one for him. "Essie exuded rock-solid integrity, tireless work ethic, unconditional love, and a firm belief in Christ that I revered and adored. She is powerful with an uncanny ability to endure and thrive in any circumstance. Marriage is about committing to the uncertainties of life and I knew that Essie had what it takes to walk the long road."

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Essie and her leading ladies look gorgeous in their wedding day gowns!

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Essie was a big fan of the tuxedos Jordan desigened for he and his groom!

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"I wanted a backless dress and we had a blush and pearl theme wedding – from the moment I tried it on- and saw the amazing train and the pearl detail I knew it was THE DRESS," said Essie of her absolutely amazing wedding gown.

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"I knew I would find true love, but I did not know how or when," said Jordan. "In the interim, I was working towards being the man that my future wife deserved and that I could be proud of. I was not looking for anyone at all when I found Essie, but she was hard to miss."

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Everything about this photo exudes love!

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One of Essie's favorite wedding day moments are of she and Jordan in their Ivory Porsche speedster. 

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"I knew Jordan was the man I wanted to spend my life with within a few months of dating," shared Essie. "I knew from the first day we met, that we had a special bond and connection. Over the coming months as I saw Jordan’s dedication to me and our relationship. I also saw him manage triumphs and set backs in his life in the most admirable way. Very quickly, it became apparent to me, that he was the one I had been looking for."

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"I believe true love is the outcome of two people with a special bond that work hard and commit to nurture a relationship that blossoms into true love," said the bride. "I knew when I met Jordan we had the capability to achieve this."

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Essie incorporated more pearls into her bridal look by looking bracelets that matched the details on her dress. How amazing!

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Not only is the Santorini backdrop gorgeous but so is the way Jordan is looking at Essie!

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Jordan and Essie knew they wanted to honor her European roots when they tied the knot. They chose Santorini because it was "the most stunning outdoor venue [they] could find."

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"Essie is a critical thinker constantly evaluating us as individuals and as unit to ensure that we are continuously improving and reflecting on how to better serve one another and have a positive impact on the world around us," said Jordan on his bride. 

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"I knew that she was ‘The One’ on our first date," said Jordan of Essie. 

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We can't get over how beautiful the bride looks on her big day! 

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Essie knew Jordan was going to pop the question eventually she just didn't know how, when or where. When he finally did, she was blown away by the whole proposal. "Jordan proposed and there were 10,000 rose petals on the floor, 60 candles and the backdrop of the impressive Chicago Sky Line behind him. He proposed with the most beautiful brilliant marquise diamond ring that he had personally designed. Afterwards, he took me on a private helicopter tour that he chartered to take me over all the landmarks in the city that held special memories for us. When we got back to the hotel all of our friends were waiting for a surprise engagement party. It truly was a spectacular evening, and all a total surprise!"

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123 of Jordan and Essie's family and friends were present as they got married. 

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After being announced as Mr. and Mrs. Yates for the first time, Jordan and Essie entered their reception to "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I'm Yours" by Stevie Wonder!

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The sunset + the bride and groom = perfection!

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Jordan and Essie can't get enough of each other!

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Looks like it's time for a toast!

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The sunset proved to be the perfect guest for Jordan and Essie's "I Do's!"

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Guests enjoyed a family style dinner overlooking the Caldera with the sunset still in sight.

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Jordan and Essie's wedding cake was adorned with blush flowers. How perfect!

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The Yates shared a first dance to the classic Frank Sinatra song, "You Look Wonderful Tonight."

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Essie donned a custom cocktail dress for her reception so she could dress the night away in style!

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You can tell by the way Jordan looks at Essie that he just adores his wife!

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Essie and her dad shared a sweet moment on the dance floor!

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Sparks did fly as a fun surprise for Jordan and Essie's wedding guests!


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