Bridal Bliss: Jeremy And Lauren's Classic Romantic Wedding Everything And More

Jeremy and Lauren went to high school together but it wasn't until junior year of college that love blossomed between the two. Even though they were 600 miles apart, they still managed to start on their happily ever after. Their Atlanta wedding was every bit of classic, elegant romance!

Lauren Porter May, 17, 2017

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Bride: Lauren Elaina Wilson, 29, Attorney Groom: Jeremy William Chambliss, 30, Firefighter The Big Day: 5/6/2016 Location: Atlanta, Georgia Style/Theme: Classic, Romantic, Intimate

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Lauren was a vision on her wedding day!

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"My dress was the second one I tried on and I was honestly nervous by how quickly I found the dress and made up my mine," revealed the bride. "I’d only visited one store and cancelled my remaining appointments for the day."

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"I love how laid back Jeremy is," said the bride of her groom. "He knows what’s important in life and he constantly reminds me."

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Jeremy popped the question on Christmas Eve at Lauren's grandmother's house. She had no idea the surprise was coming!

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By Lauren's side on her wedding day were her friends and family who helped her prep for the biggest day of her life!

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For his wedding day, Jeremy kept is classy and we love it!

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Lauren is intelligent, creative, hardworking--says she’s not a people-person but is everyone’s favorite and loves to sing ALL day.

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"Jeremy is compassionate toward others, very family-oriented, protective and quiet, " shared Lauren.

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"My wedding dress was a custom design by Winnie Couture," shared the bride. "It had a fitted lace bodice, which let out into a chiffon mermaid bottom. I also had a clothing label from my deceased grandmother’s old clothing line sewn into my wedding gown. I’m still in love with it and my words don’t do it justice. The chest and straps had crystals. It was completely backless. I didn’t want to take away from the back of the dress so I wore my hair to show it off and chose to not to have a traditional veil."

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Jeremy and his guys sure do clean up nicely! 

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The bride was certainly a sight to see on her wedding day! 

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There's nothing like taking a moment with the ones you love on your wedding day. 

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Lauren's mother did the honor of walking her down the aisle on her big day. "My mom walked me down the aisle because she was the most important person in my life before I married Jeremy," the bride said. 

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"I said 'yes' because Jeremy balances me out in a way that is necessary to have in a life-long companion,"said the bride. "He’s been in my corner through my toughest days in college, law school, my current career and through any personal experiences where I may have needed to lean on him."

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"It’s hard to put into words why I chose to make Lauren my wife," said Jeremy. "The relationship has always felt more comfortable than any other relationship I’ve pursued. After dating for a while, I knew it was meant to be."

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"I knew she was the one when moving through life without her wasn’t optional," said the groom of the bride.

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"I knew Jeremy was the one when I’d shown him all true sides of me — good, bad and ugly — and he never wavered in loving me unconditionally," Lauren shared. 

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Umm, yes ladies!

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"I wasn’t looking for love when I found it with Jeremy," admitted the bride. "I was just out of another relationship and I was really young. We were just dating but also became best friends and continued to grow closer as we matured."

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Talk about a cake! Jeremy and Lauren served their 130 guests a 4-tier cake that had the classic, elegant and romantic design of their wedding. Not to mention it was delicious! The cake flavors were butter pecan and vanilla.

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When they entered their reception, "Lift Off" by Jay Z and Kanye West ft. Beyoncé played. That's defintely the way to get the party started! 

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Jeremy and Lauren's entire wedding was planned by Christie Niq Williams of Niq Williams Events and what a fantastic job she did! 

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During their first dance as husband and wife, the couple swayed to Beyoncé's song, "Super Power." What a beautiful choice!

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"The decor was romantic," said Lauren of the reception space. "There was candles and rose petals along the aisles. We had gold chivari chairs for the guests and at the alter, we had cream and gold draping accented with white floral arrangements."

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No one can deny that these two had an amazing time on their wedding day!

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"I wasn’t concerned about the particular types of flowers, but that I wanted all of the flowers to be white. I thought it would be beautiful against the black and gold decor," explained Lauren. Great choice!

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Jeremy wasn't expecting to find true love when he did. But when the time was right, he just knew his one true love was Lauren. 

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"The reception decor was similar to the ceremony decor in being classic and elegant. We wanted to full the room with romance so we had a mixture of table linen in a cream color that varied in patterns. The centerpieces were various arrangements of white flowers, clear candle holders, gold candle holders and black candle hold-ers with cream candles. The bridal table cloth was black sequin and a white floral runner going down the center of the table. We have three high floral centerpieces on top of gold vases along with other various gold and clear candle holders and decor," shared Lauren. 

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Sparks sure did fly between Jeremy and Lauren!

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"I love how she sings all the time," said Jeremy of Lauren. Aww!

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Congratulations to Jeremy and Lauren!