Bridal Bliss: An Evening to Remember

Erik instantly fell for Kristen at a friend’s birthday celebration and, four years later, took her back to the same restaurant where they met and surprised her with an extravagant, romantic proposal. See their luxe Atlanta wedding style!

Charli Penn Apr, 03, 2013

Bride: Kristen Danée Barr, 32, IT Project Manager

Groom: Erik Jamal Prince, 36, Federal Lobbyist

Married On: August 4, 2012

Wedding Location: Biltmore Ballrooms, Atlanta, GA

When The Time Is Right
In December 2007, Spelman college alumna, Kristen had just relocated from the New York City area to Washington D.C. metro. Reagan, an acquaintance from college, invited her to her birthday bash at Hotel Monaco. When Kristen arrived and walked into the room, she immediately caught the attention of one of the birthday girl’s other guests. His name was Erik, an old friend Reagan once worked with on Capitol Hill. He thought Kristen was just as beautiful as she was cute and found her braces to be endearing. He came over to make flirty, small talk and she thought he had a sexy voice and smooth personality. “He asked me for my phone number, but I was actually dating someone else at the time,” Kristen admits. “So, out of loyalty to that situation, I offered to exchange emails instead, and he consented.” Their email exchanges were limited, and it wasn’t until a year later, when Kristen’s relationship had officially ended, that she and Erik began dating on and off. “As fate would have it, we kept running into each other at events in D.C.,” she recalls. “I remember thinking, this is a sign. Erik continued to charm me, and I was quite impressed by his persistence. I started to develop strong feelings for him in a different way than anyone before, and I concluded that he had the qualities that I wanted in a husband.” Things got serious between them in 201,0 and they made it official in 2011. On New Year’s Eve of that same year he popped the question.

A Night to Remember
“If I had any inkling that he might propose, I would have thought it was going to be on Christmas,” says Kristen. “When Christmas passed and he hadn’t, I figured he wasn’t ready yet. We had talked about marriage and we both expressed that we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with each other, so I knew he was going to do it at some point, but I didn’t know when.” Erik took over NYE plans that year, telling Kristen they were going to dinner, a party with his cousin and then back to a nice room at the W in downtown D.C. Without knowing it would be a big occasion, Kristen wore the beautiful pewter-colored BCBG dress Erik had given her for her birthday. When they arrived at dinner, she realized he’d made reservations at the same restaurant where they first met four years earlier. After they sat down at the table, Kristen noticed that she recognized a lot of people at the restaurant. She saw her best friend KIm, who was supposed to be in New Jersey at the time, Reagan, whose party she and Erik first met at, and a couple other familiar faces. Just then, Erik dropped down on bended knee. The entire restaurant started to cheer. Erik’s beautiful proposal had Kristen in awe. Erik had orchestrated the whole thing and even called her parents in advance to get their blessing. “Everyone knew except me,” she says. “It was the best-kept secret ever. The night continued with surprises. He ordered a limo service to drive us to the NYE party. When we got back to the room, he had the hotel put pink rose petals on the floor leading from the door to the bed, which was also covered in rose petals. He really went all out!” Share their love!

Photos: Milanés Photography


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