Bridal Bliss: Erin And Jamaal's DIY Wedding Photos Are All Kinds Of Special

Their sweet, sunkissed wedding affair stole our hearts.

Lauren Porter Jan, 11, 2017

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Bride: Erin Alexandria Odom, 35, Stylist
Groom: Jamaal Antoine Cannon, 31, Program Analyst USCIS
The Big Day: 7/16/16
Location: Upper Marlboro, MD
Style/Theme: DIY

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One picture-perfect love story coming up.

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"It felt like a dream come true," said Erin of how she felt to be a bride. "It took so long for me to get used to the fact that I was actually getting my wish come true. I love the fact that we planned it and had pretty much everything we wanted as well as pictures that tell the story of us!"

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"I actually ordered my dress online and had it handmade for me," shared the bride on her uniquely pink bridal gown. "I really loved the fact that it was pink and chic, as well as unique with the hand beading."

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Erin and Jamaal enlisted the help of their moms in getting ready for their big day--including while getting ready!

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For his groom's attire, Jamaal added a touch of pink to his look with a tie. Nice touch!

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"Honorable and strong because only a real man can step up to the plate and be the provider, protector and leader of a family" said Jamaal. "Was it all your dreamed it would be? It was everything I could dream of with the perfect venue, woman and partying with everybody I love."

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On Jamaal's 30th birthday, Erin thought they would spend the day celebrating him by going to brunch, catching a movie and doing a paint and sip but he had plans to make his big day all about her too. While at the paint and sip, Erin got so caught up in mastering her painting she was so distracted by his plan! When they revealed their paintings to each other in the end, Jamaal had written, "Will You Marry Me, Erin?" She, of course, said yes in a room full of strangers on his birthday!

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"I would describe Jamaal as a handsome, loving, humorous, reliable, straightforward, creative, smart provider for our family," shared the bride of her groom. "I love how he can make me feel like Im valuable and worthy. We never go a day without laughing."

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Erin wore the perfect pink shoe to match her dress and the bridesmaids! Yes diva!

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Jamaal's daughter, Taylor, was the flower girl on her dad and Erin's big day. She was nothing but smiles!

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Erin's bridal party was anxious with joy on the big day!

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"My older brother Daeman Odom walked me down the aisle since my Dad passed away in 2010," shared the bride.

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As a favor, Erin and Jamaal gave their family and friends cute wooden fans to help them beat the heat during their summer garden wedding in Maryland.

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"My brother actually looked so much like my Dad as well as always being a person I look up to," shared Erin.

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Erin's cousin is a pastor and was an obvious choice to officiate she and Jamaal's wedding.

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"The day I met Erin I was mesmerized by her beautiful smile,"Jamaal shared. "I was dating but I really didn't meet anybody I felt connection with I mean on a spiritual, political, and intellectual level. Erin and I began communicating via text and email after being introduced by my co-worker. I really wanted to impress her because I didn't want my coworkers to think I was lame but I really enjoyed our conversations. On our first date, we really hit it off--we were practically laughing and having a good time the whole time. It felt like we knew each other for years. She was funny, smart, employed, beautiful and fit. I could believe we were becoming best friend in such a short period of time. I knew she was a great woman and I could introduce her to my family, which plays a big role in finding a life long partner."

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"I knew he was the one when I opened up to him about things that I had been through, he made me feel like we could get through anything together," said Jamaal. "I can be a person that holds feelings in behind a wall I built. He sees through the wall and helps me break it down. That is the most difficult thing to do."

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Erin and her bride tribe look so lovely!

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"I knew Erin was the one for me because she made me feel comfortable with being myself," said the groom. "I am able to crack jokes and be a little goofy at times and she loves me for it."

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Erin and Jamaal were certainly surrounded by nothing but love as they celebrated their love on the big day!

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Erin and Jamaal had a little fun with his mom on their big day--too funny!

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Looks like the bridal party was trying to break up the lovefest of Erin and Jamaal on their big day!

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"She always displays appreciation and gratitude for all of things I do," said Jamaal. "She looks for ways to improve life and doesn't focus on faults and negative things. She is caring, classy, attractive, compassionate, faithful, kind, loving, Straightforward, sociable and cuddly. I can go on for days and nights describing my wife she is the most honest person I have me and I love her for it."


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