Bridal Bliss: Edwin And Georgette's Atlanta Wedding Was A Vibe

Lauren Porter Aug, 29, 2018

The groom always had a soft spot for the bride and when they reconnected years after their first meeting, they knew they’re time had finally come. After two years of dating and a year-long engagement, the two said “I do” and their wedding photos are simply beautiful.

"All my life I have been an optimist, so yes, I always knew I will find true love, I just was not sure when or where," said Edwin. "But when I met Georgette I knew it was real love, we started off with a friendship which eventually evolved into what is now true love."

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Bride: Georgette Anoma, 31, Nurse Practitioner Groom: Edwin Atem, 35, Analyst - Insurance The Big Day: October 14th, 2017 Location: Atlanta, GA Style/Theme: Sweet and Elegance Vendors Photographer: Fotos by Fola Planner: Niq Williams Events Makeup: Makeup Ashley Dress: Bravura Fashion Bridesmaids Dresses: Debbi Jacob DJ: Derek Fon Lights and Photobooth: Premiere Entertainment Atlanta Cakes: Ivel Cakes and Dessert Catering: Rea Kitchen Videography: Christopher Eubanks

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"There are a few adjectives that describe her; simple, God-fearing, humble, beautiful, kind etc,'" said the groom of his bride. "She is very down to earth and an extremely beautiful both inside and outside, a very nurturing personality and just an overall good person. A family oriented individual who is very passionate about life and the simple things."

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"Yes, it was absolutely more than I dreamt it would be," said Edwin of being a groom. "I really did not know what to expect, but seeing my bride’s smile and everyone else who came out made all the work we put in, well worth it. I was overwhelmed to be the man of the day."

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On her wedding day, the bride had six bridesmaids and a maid of honor by her side as she prepared to get down the aisle.

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We are loving the details of the groom's wedding day look!

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My dress was a Sottero and Midgley dress called Radience. It was a fit and flare with a gorgeous pleated tulle skirt and classic sweetheart neckline with crystal buttons and zipper over inner corset closure," said the bride. "When I tried the dress on I thought it looked good on me and it was within my budget so I didn’t have to look further. I had them add some off the shoulder sleeves and it was a perfect fit.”

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We can't deny it, Edwin and his groomsmen look so dapper!

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"I really like the fact that she is down to earth and family oriented, she is also very God-fearing," said Edwin of his bride. "She is simple yet classy and always ready to help someone. She supports me in all my endeavors and encourages me to be a better version of myself."

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There is power in prayer and clearly, the beautiful bride and her gorgeous bridesmaid know that.

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"My dad walked me down the aisle," said the bride.

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"Looking into her eyes at the altar gave me the chills (good chills) and reminded me that this is it, there was really is no path backwards and that being a husband is my new reality," said the groom.

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They did it!

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"I didn’t have a time limit on when I thought I would find true love," said the bride. "I knew it would happen. I just didn’t know when, where or how. I’m glad it happened when it did though."

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"When times are hard or things get difficult there’s a calmness about him," admitted the bride about what she loves most about her groom. "Lord knows I need that during difficult times. He is able to help me stay relaxed and approach life one step at a time."

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This is one gorgeous bridal party!

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The groom had his guys beside him on his big day and he was definitely glowing!

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"Making Georgette my wife was a very easy decision, once we started dating, I realized that I found someone who truly compliments me, someone who no matter how bad the circumstance I was in, I could look at her without her even saying a word and convince myself that everything will be ok," said Edwin. "She did not have to try, she just had to be who she was and I was satisfied. So from a very early stage in our relationship, I knew I needed to look no further, I had in front of me that which I always longed for."

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"The man I married is my friend, my prayer partner, kind, my “gisting” partner, my support system, my encourager, sometimes drives my crazy but I wouldn’t have it any other way," said the bride of her groom.

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"All my life I have been an optimist, so yes, I always knew I will find true love, I just was not sure when or where," said Edwin. "But when I met Georgette I knew it was real love, we started off with a friendship which eventually evolved into what is now true love."

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Hey now! Edwin and Georgette weren't afraid to get down on the dance floor on their big day!

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The groomsmen weren't afraid to have a good night!

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Our wedding cake was a 4tier blush and gold sequins cake that was white almond and red velvet with cream cheese filling.

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"Edwin is a great person and not just because we are married. He is that person who will go the extra mile for anyone," said the bride. "You don’t have to be his friend for him to do that. I loved how he loved God, his family and me. Somethings in life, you just can’t explain, when and how I knew he was the one… I don’t know and I can’t explain. I just knew!!! We prayed and the Holy Spirit brought us to each other."