Bridal Bliss: Cottrell And Niles' Modern Wedding Was Simply Marvelous

Lauren Porter Sep, 20, 2017

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Bride: Niles Ita, 33, OBGYN
Groom: Cottrell Carter, 34, Sales/Marketing
The Big Day: November 5, 2016
Location: Indianapolis, IN
Style/Theme: Modern


Planner: Summer McLane of My Simply Perfect Weddings and Events, Atlanta, GA
Florist: Wild Heart Blooms, Indianapolis, IN 
Cake: Heavenly Sweets, Noblesville, IN
Photo Booth: Top Hat Photo Booths
Hair: Felicia of Maine Beauty Bar Salon, Beaufort, SC
Makeup: Geoffrey Coyle
Videographer: T. Miller Films
Photographer: Elle Danielle

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"It felt surreal, exciting, overwhelming... our wedding was a reunion for many, and I enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and family and meeting new friends and new family," shared Niles of being a bride.

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"It was a great experience to have so many friends and family come together to share such a monumental day with us," shared Cottrell.

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"My Lazaro gown was unlike anything I could have ever imagined I would wear on my wedding day, and I loved that about it," admitted the bride. "It was a beautiful ball gown, and I felt like royalty. I had searched through several local stores, and I thought I had found a good prospect at a bridal shop in Savannah, GA. I went to Indianapolis and tried a few more with my mother-in-love, Charlotte, and bridesmaid, Ebony, and found the winner! With the time crunch we had I needed to find the right dress quickly. I knew it was the one because it looked amazing on, fit well right off the rack, and was not like any of the other dresses I had tried on."

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Cottrell's groomsmen included his father who was his best man, his five cousins, one college friend, and one high school friend. What a great group!

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"Honestly she is indescribable; but, if I had to put it into words, I would say she is a modern woman with old school values," said the groom of his bride. "Niles is a lover of God, beautiful, poised, confident, and career-oriented. Don’t let the pretty face and all those degrees fool you, though! She does have some sophistiratchet tendencies."

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"My bouquet was a mix of rustic and chic flowers," said the bride. "We used hydrangeas and eucalyptus leaves that dripped throughout. English roses were added to make my bouquet softer. We ended up with a magical combination that perfectly complemented our look, the decor, and the vibe."

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"I love her sensible personality and her sense of humor," shared the groom of his bride. "Her compassion both at work and outside of work are admirable."

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"Three of my childhood friends, two college friends, two salsa friends, one medical school friend and two residency friends made up my bridesmaids brigade," Niles said.

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"About six months into the relationship we had a very emotional discussion about something that had been on my mind for some time," said Cottrell. "Niles was steadfast in her support and did not back away from the challenge. She encouraged me immensely during that tough time and, once we got past it, I knew she was in it for the long haul."

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" We had two little ones who were children of a few of the bridesmaids — Kameron and Kassidy. They served as announcers, bouncers, and the life of the party."

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"My maternal grandmother, Julia, walked me down the aisle," said the bride. "We have always been thick as thieves and even moreso after my mother, Beverly, passed in 2001. My Grammy is such a sweet, loving, and feisty lady. In lieu of my mother, I could not have imagined anyone else doing the honor but her."

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"I think I gradually settled into knowing Cottrell was The One over time, but there were certainly moments in our journey when my feelings were boosted and reaffirmed," Niles recalled. "From the start we talked daily and at length on the phone like teenagers, and our communications were in-depth but so easy. I felt like I knew him. I loved his spirit, his love for God, his dedication to family, and his ever-positive outlook on life. He embraced my family and friends as his own and has been a major source of support and encouragement, even rolling up his sleeves to participate, as I take care of my grandmother who has Alzheimer’s disease. During our journey he has always made my struggles his struggles and made it his business for me to know that we would tackle them and succeed as a team. Then there was the time when we went to a wedding in Atlanta. I had just gotten my hair done the day before but the braids were too tight and I knew that particular style would not last past the reception. I knew it was real when he helped me take my braids out, and I haven’t looked back since."

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"When Cottrell proposed, I felt as though time and everything around us had frozen," recalled the bride of the moment her groom popped the question. "Everything in me was screaming, but I think what I actually said over and over was 'Oh my God.' Despite having been on the fast track from the start and having talked about the future so many times, I was still so surprised and even more elated. He slid the ring on my finger and gave me a big hug and kiss. By this time a small crowd had gathered and they cheered us on. As it turned out,the guy who I’d thought was only snapping pictures actually had been recording the moment — he gave himself up as the videographer in the scheme."

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"My husband has the kindest, soft brown eyes — don’t tell him I described them that way! On any given day, they are a pleasure to get lost in. On our special day, I felt like his love for me exuded in his gaze in such a tangible way."

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"This was a difficult question mainly because I don’t think it can be summed up succinctly," said Niles of what she loves most about Cottrell. "One of the things I love most is how Cottrell serves those around him. We are partners in this journey, and it makes me feel like a queen!"

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"Cottrell is very handsome, but that’s just a drop in the bucket compared to what else he has to offer. He has a warm heart and a compassionate spirit. He is easygoing and charismatic, thoughtful and kind, and always has a joke to tell."

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"Niles was different from any other woman I had met," said Cottrell. "She was everything I wanted plus some. I knew instantly she was special, and that I wanted to get to know more about her. Many of the characteristics I admire in my mother were prominent in her. My parents always talked about what you bring to the table in a relationship. I thought I was bringing a lot to the table, but when I met Niles, she already had her own table set up. She definitely matched my fly and I had to make it permanent."

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"There is no doubt in my mind that Cottrell was handpicked for me by God," Niles shared. "I have become a better woman, granddaughter and friend as a result. Our journey hasn’t been the easiest, but it has been rewarding. After our first year together, I knew I didn’t want to do life with anyone else."

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"We settled on a decadent sour cream buttermilk white cake with buttercream frosting that had delicate tracings and carefully arranged florals."

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"I definitely didn’t think true love would happen when it did," confessed Cottrell. "I knew my time would come someday and my prayers were more than answered."

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"We always joke about how our story is such a perfect fairytale," said Niles of finding true love. "I was never a woman waiting around for a man to come and sweep me off my feet, but I sure didn’t mind when it happened!"