Bridal Bliss: Carlin and Madison's Modern Military Wedding Photos Will Steal Your Heart

Sweet newlyweds Madison and Carlin have a mutual friend to thank for making their love connection happen. From a blind date to the altar, this is a love story you won't want to miss. See their dreamy wedding photos and share their love.

Charli Penn Oct, 19, 2016

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Bride: Madison Savannah Myrick, 29, Social Worker/Therapist
Groom: Carlin Pierre Myrick, 29, Artillery Officer with the United States Marine Corps
The Big Day: 09/25/16
Location: Middletown, Maryland
Theme: Garden Modern Chic

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"I tried it on on and I just knew it was it," said the bride. "I always wanted a lace dress.  I did try on other dresses but I really loved mine. I knew the look I was going for as well." Along with her dream dress, Madison donned rose gold Giuseppe Zanotti heels that were the perfect compliment to her bridal attire. 

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"It was the first dress I tried on!," shared Madison.

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After Carlin popped the question 16 months before he and Madison tied the knot, the bride admits she couldn't hold back the tears. "I cried like a baby. I was in shock and disbelief. I was in totally caught off guard! Carlin was extremely excited. He laughed because I was crying a river and because the surprise went so smoothly."

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Carlin shed a few tears at the sweet gift Madison gave him before they officially swapped vows. Aww!

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“Well, Carlin proposed to me by pranking me,” Madison shared. Carlin enlisted the help of his best friend and Madison’s line sister to pull of the surprise of a lifetime. “Ashley called me and said she would be in a movie soon. She sent an email and included specific instructions and the location for “behind the scenes” brunch. Ashley advised me to be super cute so of course, I made sure I looked phenomenal this day. The day finally comes. When everyone arrived, Carlin then requested to speak on Ashley’s accomplishments. Throughout his speech he then transitioned into how Ashley was the reason we met and thanked her for the introduction. He continues to talk about how we met and how special our relationship has been to him. I started to think, “ This is sweet, but what does this have to do with Ashley’s movie?” He then proceeds to ask me to stand up and proposes! There was never a movie, BET never came, and the entire occasion was set up for him to propose!”

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“I wanted all green,” Madison says of her lovely bouquet choice. “A really fresh look. I really wanted magnolias, however they were not in full bloom at the time. Therefore, my decorator suggested to get silk magnolia flowers. I wanted magnolias because they remind me of summers in Georgia, where I am from. They are the prettiest trees and flowers in the world.”

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Madison is a lucky lady. Just look at her handsome and well-dressed groom.

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Carlin describes Madison as his confidant. "She's my motivation to accomplish as many of my goals, as she has already done & continuing to achieve. The perfect companion to conquer this world with. The list could go on to cover a full page, but we'll just stick with 'My Mel'!"


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"I call him my 'Carlin Darlin,'" Madison shares. "Carlin has a very mysterious and distinguished personality. He is very fun, and most of the time very silly. He loves to laugh and loves to make me laugh. He likes to take on challenges and adventures. He is extremely loving with not only me but his family and friends. Family is the core of his heart. Carlin is also a natural leader. He was born to lead. His demeanor truly represents leadership and honor, which is why he serves. He is my soulmate and my best friend."

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“I wanted my bridesmaid looks to be very posh and chic,” Madison explains.

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“Navy I knew would be a good color on everyone,” says the bride.

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Eight lovely bridesmaids, a matron of honor and a maid of honor were all on hand to help get Madison down the aisle.

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When the bride and groom look at each other this way, you know it's real.

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Just look at that dress and that tux -- these lovebirds came to slay.

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A large bridal party always makes for the best photos and Madison and Carlin's group was no exception.

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The little ones at Madison and Carlin's wedding were as adorable as can be. Aww!

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We just love the couple's wedding signage and the perfect words they chose for it.

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Madison's king and his groosmen were ready and willing to greet his queen. This picture is both beautiful and powerful.

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The bride’s father walked her down the aisle to “You Make Me Whole “ by Amel Larrieux.

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A father-daughter moment to remember!

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The couple exchanged vows in a gorgeous garden ceremony.

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“I knew Carlin was the one when I was stranded in a random town in South Carolina,” says Madison. “He drove two and half hours south to bring me back two and a half hours north. I knew then. He would do anything for me, he’d always be my hero and he was certainly the one.”

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“I said ‘yes’ Because Carlin has a spirit that is contagious,” says the bride. “He will be there for you at a drop of a dime.”

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“Carlin also comes from such a loving family,” says the bride. “They have instilled so many great values in Carlin, that have developed him into the amazing man he is today.”

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“I knew he would protect, love, and honor me and our future family,” says Madison.

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“There is always a time where your relationship is tested,” says Madison. “It is NOT perfect. When we were having a hard time, I told Carlin, I wanted to start pre marital therapy (before we were engaged) He agreed without hesitation.”

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We loved their custom monogrammed cupcake display. What a sweet touch!

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For their first dance song, the couple chose “Hey“ By King.

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“Dancing with my father and my sorority sisters serenading my husband and me were some of my favorite memories,” says the beautiful bride.

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The couple chose a gorgeous small two tier, navy and ivory cake that was lined in rose gold with a magnolia flower to top off its beauty. Thy also provided cupcakes for their guests.

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“We had our ups and downs just like any couple,” says Carlin. “Long distance, break ups to make ups, leaving for the military. Yet, we always found a way to make it through and when we come out the other side, we are stronger than before. Not just as a couple, but as friends that truly understand each other. That made the decision very easy.”

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This is just too precious!

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When your entire squad feels the love!

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