Bridal Bliss: Brian And Elesia's Tender Wedding Photos Will Make You Smile

Newlyweds Brian and Elesia's can thank their mothers for playing the perfect matchmakers. They introduced the college sweethearts and nailed it. On an April day he asked Elesia for her hand in marriage and she said yes! They jumped the broom in a glam garden ceremony that you're going to love.

Lauren Porter Nov, 09, 2016

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Bride: Elesia Summers-Thomas, 28, Congressional Liasion

Groom: Brian Glover, 30, IP & Trademark Docketing Coordinator

The Big Day: 08/13/16

Theme: Garden Glam

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“My shoes were by Badgley Mischka and added glam and bling to my wedding day ensemble," gushed the bride. "I used accessories to add that glam factor!”

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"Being a bride was better than I could have ever imagined," Elesia shared. "I have never felt so loved in my life, not just by Brian but everyone. To see our family and friends come together and just have a good time was amazing. I’ll remember it forever."

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Elesia rocked her hair with gorgeous curls that lasted her whole entire wedding day!

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"I loved everything about my gown!," shared the bride. "As soon as I saw myself in the dress I felt like it was made just for me!"

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Selfies are always welcome but when it's your wedding day they're definitely required! 

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"I love the pictures of my mom and mother in law helping me to dressed for the big day," said the bride of one of hee favorite wedding day memories. 

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"Our cake topper was also bobble head remakes of Brian and I!," shared Elesia. "It is by far one of my favorite features of the wedding. It really does look like Brian and it represents our Dallas Cowboy and Washington Redskins rivalry. Plus, it includes our dog that is like our baby, Jackson."

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Elesia's dad was beaming with pride on her big day. The joy and unconditional love written all across his face shows!

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“My first look with my dad is also on my favorite list!,” shared the bride. “I bet him he would cry and he did!”

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While Elesia was walking down the aisle, Brian did shed a few tears--the happiest of them all of course!

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“Both of my parents walked me down the aisle,” the bride shared. “I grew up in a single parent home but I was raised by both parents. I am very close to both of them as an only child. It was important that both of them were a part of this moment.”

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A groom who cries on his wedding day is always a good one!

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“Like a ball of emotions, completely overwhelmed, grateful, and thankful that the man in front of me wanted to spend his life with me," said Elesia of how it felt to look in Brian's eyes on their wedding day. "It amazes me that although he had seen me at my lowest he was still willing to take this leap of faith.”

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Elesia and Brian have been through it all and he's been by her side every step of the way just like she has been by his. Even though she tried hard to keep it together, she knew the love of her life would always be there to wipe away her tears on their wedding day.

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Brian, you may now kiss your bride!

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Because Elesia is obsessed with the movie "Jumping the Broom," an important part of the film was incoporated into she and Brian's wedding day. "Brian and I jumping the broom had many reasons. We wanted to our honor our ancestors yes, but also to honor those that were no longer with us. Our broom was decorated with two broaches. One broach was to represent those on my side of the family that had passed and the other broach represented those in Brian’s family that had passed. They say when you jump the broom you are jumping from your past as a single person to your future as husband and wife. For us, as we jumped from our past to present we jumped over the broaches to signify that although they are not with us physically we are taking them into our future."

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Elesia and Brian were married by the same pastor who married his parents 33 years ago. How sweet!

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Brian asked Elesia to be his bride on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. While both the bride and the groom work in the Nation's Capital, they very rarely get to enjoy the sights to Brian set out to change that. With an afternoon of sightseeing all planned, he and Elesia made it to the steps as the sunset and the cherry blossoms bloomed on an April day and he popped the question! 

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"I love Elesia’s drive," said Brian of his bride. "No matter what life throws at her she faces it head own and gets through it. To have a wife that you know can make it through anything is amazing."

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Brian and his groomsmen look so handsome on his big day!

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"I would describe Elesia as persistent, strong, caring, intelligent, beautiful, inquisitive, and determined," shared Brian.

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"I said yes because Brian is the most caring and selfless person I know," shared Elesia. "He is charismatic and makes everyone feel at ease. He makes me laugh, motivates, and even challenges me. Most importantly, he sees me as an equal, not less than or greater than, but equal. We do not believe that we complete each other because we were whole before we met, but we do believe in being our personal best in order to be the best partner possible. I said yes because I knew in marrying Brian I would have a husband committed to being his best every day and that’s more than I could ask for."

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Brian and Elesia entered their reception and the party truly began--it's lit!

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"I would describe Brian as giving, caring, selfless, intelligent, adventurous, determined, good looking, funny, and my personal encyclopedia," Elesia said. "He always has an answer to my random questions!"

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"Being a groom was everything I dreamed and more," shared Brian. "I had such a good time. I loved seeing our families come together and celebrate."

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"I knew Brian was the one when he remained by my side and my biggest supporter as I achieved my goal of becoming Redskins cheerleader," shared Elesia. "I know that sounds crazy but dating someone or being in a relationship with someone that is a professional cheerleader can be difficult. The time commitment, lifestyle, and sheer dedication you have to have is at an all-time high and when in a relationship you are essentially asking your partner to take that leap with you. Brian always supported me through it all. Feeling that he was the one was not about me being a cheerleader specifically, but it was about the fact he was willing and trusted me enough to step into a world most guys would be apprehensive about simply because I asked him to. Every day I am thankful that I have a husband that I know will support me through any goal that I have and I do the same for him."

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Elesia's friends were by her side on her wedding day. Yes divas!

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"I knew Elesia was the one the night that we went to one of the partners at my law firm’s birthday party at the Ritz Carlton in DC," said Brian of his bride. "The moment she walked into the room it seemed as if everything stopped. It was at that moment she was the woman for me."

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"My relationship with Elesia grew over time as we grew from college kids into adults," shared Brian. "I had no idea when I met her she would eventually become my wife. I remember meeting her and thinking she is way to young for me, but we could be friends. Lol! After meeting I did send her a facebook message and I guess that started the line of communication."

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The bride and her dad shared a special dance during the reception. The feels!

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Nothing but a good time was had at Elesia and Brian's "I Do's!"

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Looks like Brian's mom was the one who did the dipping on the dance floor!

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Here's to Elesia and Brian's happily ever after!