The 2017 ESSENCE Bridal Bliss Awards Are Here! See the Winning Moments!

Lauren Porter Dec, 20, 2017

Being a bride was lit in 2017! From best kiss to best gown, we’re showing love to all of our favorite Bridal Bliss moments of the year.

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Anastasia Romanova

We definitely have a dress crush on Janell's gorgeous bridal look. Isn't it fabulous!

See she and her groom's Bridal Bliss, here.

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Dajuan Jones

No one can deny that the bride and the groom left their wedding in style...and so wrapped up in love!

See their Bridal Bliss, here. 

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The Paris Photographer

The bride and groom eloped in Paris and their union--along with their gown and tuedo--were simply picture perfect. 

See their Bridal Bliss, here.

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Burroughs Knight Photography

On her big day, beautiful bride Vecoya wore her hair in a stunning halo braid that was a true stunner.

See their Bridal Bliss, here.

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Mecca Gamble

For their 1920's glam style wedding, the bridesmaids were dressed head-to-toe in fashions that helped execute the theme and looked marvelous!

See their Bridal Bliss, here

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Beebe Tran of Studio Tran Photography

During their New Orleans wedding, the happy couple had a cake that was die for with an ivory buttercream cake with metallic sequins ribbon at the bottom of each tier and cascading florals. The cake looks almost too good to eat!

See their Bridal Bliss, here.

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Jeff Tisman Photography

Guillermo and Jolie's special day was full of so many emotions and love that the groom couldn't help be shed a tear as they stood at the altar. Aww!

See their Bridal Bliss, here. 

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The Amber Studio

It's safe to say that the happy couple's daughter stole the show during the wedding ceremoy who came down the aisle in her wagon. Look at how precious she is!

See their Bridal Bliss, here.

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Karston Tannis

Tying the knot in the Bahamas, the bride and groom had a wedding to remember and the sight of their love was just as beautiful as the amazing view!

See their Bridal Bliss, here. 

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Elle Danielle

The couple's photographer beautifully captured their love on their wedding day and we instantly fell for this photo. See more from their romantic I dos here.

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Kimie James

The bride carried a beautiful cascading bouquet that was a mix of her favorite flowers. Carrying such beautiful flowers definitely took her wedding day look to a whole new level!

See their Bridal Bliss, here. 

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Afolabi Sogunro

We love it when a groom and his guys pull of a classic look and these gentleman did just that!

See their Bridal Bliss, here. 

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On her big day, Whitney came to slay! Her bridal accessories gave us so much life.

See their Bridal Bliss, here. 

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The party started for the bride and groom at the altar, that's how you know their wedding and reception was L-I-T!

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Kirth Bobb

On their big day, the couple combined his Moroccan and Muslim ideals with her Bahamian and Bajan roots for a beautiful wedding that was full of color and love!

See their Bridal Bliss, here.

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Iris Mannings

During their gorgeous Maryland wedding, you could definitely feel the love between Mark and Brittney! 

See their Bridal Bliss, here.

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Tony Barreau of AVD Photography

The couple tied the knot in the Gallery of Amazing Things and their wedding was just that--amazing!

See their Bridal Bliss, here. 

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Anastasia Romanova

"Our cake was a very geometric design, with navy blue, cream and gold accents," Janell shared with us. We love the modern and elegant choice. See more photos from the big day here.